9 comments on “20 Interior Design idea for Small Apartment

  1. wow really? you charge nothing for me giving you my idea for free? are you kidding me?!

  2. Our surroundings can change our day. Design is so important! I always talk about it on my blog.

  3. Great ideas, I look forward to trying some out!

  4. I like what I see here! Especially the multi use furniture, #7!!! But the link just shows the same clip a little slower. I went to the utube link and the embedded link at the link. I slowed the credits down so I could see who makes the USB shelf unit. I got nowhere. This is a cool unit for a small living room or bedroom, but I got nowhere trying to get info about it. I will check out a few of the other ideas but am disappointed there is no info on these shelves.

  5. good suggestion home arrangement

  6. Great ideals love the video

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