Amazing Ideas That Will Make Your House Awesome 「 amazing home interior design ideas 」

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48 comments on “Amazing Ideas That Will Make Your House Awesome 「 amazing home interior design ideas 」

  1. OK some are good, but most are W.T.A.F????????

  2. 8:30
    me: see's necklace

    me:*checks title*…
    me again: are u implying that that person wearing the necklace is a house, bc shes not ecen fat so….

  3. Who needs a see through bathtub!!?!!???

  4. 8:37 it is cool but is not for house

  5. Seprrate title “things you want but only Rich people get”

  6. I love the hammock bed one!

  7. Wtf, see through bath tub??!! No thanks, id rather go to f*******g HELL!!

  8. You me nannananananana aha 😂

  9. Rich people can do this ·°·

  10. I literally want to be rich when I grow up now.

  11. I saw the aquarium bed before

  12. Yes, but are they affordable?

  13. lol its cool to you now(-_-)mmmm……..
    ==]============> swoord

  14. what hap end if the sand thing is going to your eye or mouth

  15. Most of these just seem stupid to me..

  16. Do you mean things to do when you have lots of time and are fucking rich

  17. i need all of these for my future house

  18. why would you want a seethrough bathtub??!!?!?! GROSS PPL like srsly omfg thats really fucking gross

  19. Those poor books on the stairs being stepped on everyday.

  20. And a see through bath tub cuz people want to see me while I'm taking a bath😂😂😂😂now that's just weird lol

  21. I'd be scared if that aquarium broke and woke me up in time for school NO ONE WOULD BELIEVE ME IF I TOLD THEM I WAS LATE CUZ MY AQUARIUM THAT GOES OVER ME BROKE AND I HAD TO SAVE MY FISH BEFORE THEY DIED( already used that one😏)

  22. Most of us cant afford this shit sooooo

  23. Bitch, I ain't got that much money.

  24. me: tries the live plants
    also me: uses 45 tissues because allergies
    4 days later,
    my friend : u killed them all

  25. child: mum, i lost my shoes in the yard!
    mother: which ones?
    child: my grass ones.
    mother: ……….

  26. hammock like bath is a solution to tall people problems

  27. show me something not expensive looking

  28. The aqaurium bed is a cool idea but if you put too much water or fish in their the pressure can get too high and it will crack just like when an ordinary fish tank gets too much pressure

  29. Oh I have an absolutely PERFECT name for the leaf shirts. Ready kids? Liberal's only. Hehehe.

  30. No sand in the house, would track it everywhere. No open area fires in the house if you have kids or pets. No pingpong in the kitchen, and with teardrop lights hanging above ready to break. Some ideas are cool and some are straight up NO WAYs. I like the different reading area ideas.

  31. Uhm anyone else see the problems of a see through bathing area?

  32. You would never get bored if it was all in one house

  33. cause you would totally want an open fire like four feet away from your couch which most likely has flammable blankets on it

  34. I think the first one is an amazing design especially if it smashes on your head while you sleep drowning you until you wake up 🤦🏽‍♀️

  35. the bathroom would scare me

  36. the see through tub is a bit counter productive hehe ;;

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