35 comments on “Apartment Tour 2016 | Interior Design

  1. Wow hanna it's beautiful

  2. In love with this decor 😍

  3. #If i comment a video that mean's it's allmost perfect, no lot of of stuff showing that people don't care to see, no speaking to much, music in background commentary and subjectiv and the best for the end great job about your house tour ( i think most of the girls watching your appartment tour will be jealous of it) top ten of my room tour list congratulations 🙂

  4. Damn, great video. The details are exquisite.

  5. Move into my apartment in 2 weeks glad I ran into this channel because I don’t know how to design my place I don’t want it to be a boring place somewhere I’ll be glad to come to everyday especially since it’s not my parents home hah.

  6. I enjoyed this tour. Your voice was calming and made you drawn to the envioronment you created. Beautiful video, place and presentation. Probably my number 1 favorite of these videos(and ive Probably watched 1000s so far 😂). Great job 🙂

  7. This appartment is wowooo

  8. being in a nice place is. lifechanging

  9. Excelent tour. I enjoy everyrhing 👌🏼.

  10. Absolutely beautiful decor! Also, what a lovely soothing speaking voice.

  11. Where is White Bedding From??!

  12. you not lucky youre blessed excellent video

  13. I love the pieces u chose. And I was happy to see there wasn't a mirrored dresser that EVERY YOUTUBER owns! I'm so sick of those mirror dressers.

  14. AMAZING! I can't wait to move!

  15. I love this video! Thank you for adding in why you did certain things it gives me lots of new ideas

  16. Absolutely gorgeous! Please tell us where the 3 metal ornaments under the TV @ 5:45 are from

  17. One of my favorite apartment tours

  18. Sooo beautiful! Are you an interior designer?

  19. Where did you get the dining room chairs from luv them!

  20. This is interior decorating not interior design…

  21. New subscriber. I enjoy watching your home tours.

  22. Your word choice made this video go from THAT'S CUTE oh THIS IS DOPE! Yes! Yes!

  23. I love this but not for an apartment it looks so busy but for a house would be amazing! Of course it is not mine so it doesn't matter what I think 😝

  24. Good video! Next time please change the battery in your smoke detector. That beep was killing my ears! Also you need to pronounce your "T"s.

  25. if anybody wants to complain about the prices of a decorator they should look at this, looks well worth it😍😍

  26. This is perfection!!!!!!

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