4 comments on “Art Deco Interior Design Ideas or ‘Great Gatsby’ Style

  1. Great video. You should add an original Art Deco GPO 300 series telephone. Take a look at what I restore.

  2. I love Art Deco. I love those doors! Everything always says glamour and fun. I think it's because it was the period between the wars and everyone was living more in the moment. Ever since I was little I've been drawn to this style and now I have decided that I am going for it. I'm going to live in an art deco apartment and I shall entertain witty people who will fill my place with laughter and the sound of tinkling glasses of gin fizz!

  3. It's such a beautiful style. Congratulations  

  4. I love the ArtDeco style!!! & I love the white sofa at the beginning of your video…
    Who is it by?

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