37 comments on “BBC – Design Rules – 5/6 – Interior Planning


  2. great appreciation for this videos

  3. Love this series! The interior planning is definitely one of the most important! I thoroughly enjoyed this episode!

  4. Excellent points! I absolutely hate clutter!!!!

  5. I love it when he says Naughty

  6. His voice and his speaking skills are very attractive huh

  7. By far the most detailed explanation on interior design vid on Youtube. There are other good resources too but this one explained why it works and why it doesn't. Truly education al (although the design aesthetic was dated), it made you look at the most important components of switching things at home. Oh well, that's about my comment, I do food vlog and this has helped me rearrange my kitchen. 😀

  8. This was a nice video. Lots of great info!

  9. I love this and the entire series.

  10. Symmetry does not equal better genetic coding. If anything, too much can make a persons face look very unrealistic.

  11. those cables on the TV, fixi it

  12. is this showing symmetry in all faces?

  13. I'm trying to figure out what does the transition from a black woman to a chinese woman to a white woman have to do with symmetry 1:55

  14. sometimes you need inspiration to decorate your place, so lets find some and see what you want!

  15. #Rex Kenny oh its really quite leonardo @missthunderstormable

  16. who the heck is that hunky commentor?? Yummy! Also many homeowners in the West will put the new flat screen Tv's OVER the fireplace….killing two birds with one stone….

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  18. I loved this video …….
    it's all about ( balance – harmony – & good taste ) to have an excellent decoration .

  19. My own personal rule for bedrooms is this – there should not be anything in a bedroom not related to sleep or sex – the primarily functions of a bedroom. All other items have to be mercilessly evicted to other areas. NO TVs, NO computers, and absolutely NO clutter. I have lived in very tiny spaces, and still have always followed this rule. A bedroom needs to be relaxing, not maddening.

  20. whats the background music at 26:30 ?

  21. Educational and entertaining. Host enjoyable to listen to.

  22. such an interesting video! and love the scenes of bristol & bath

  23. "I don't think my eyes are satisfied." Love the British understated wit.

  24. First video of yours that I have viewed – love it! Great job!

  25. ""And as for the bedroom!


    I love british humor

  26. I see that this video is old, but the first example they show is based on a optical illusion that often are used in movies, at 01:30 you see the room like you normally see a room, and it look tiny, then they change the room so you see it from another side, but you see it from the wall with a drawer in the foreground, that is a position you can not stand in, and therefor is it just an illusion. Just 1 minute in and I has the feeling this will be some BS.

  27. first time i find attractive a guy with the long hair 🙂

  28. Boys' faces are also the most beautiful when they are symmetrical. Girls have eyes too.

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