“BELAKU” Part 2 | Interior Design of Dr. Arun Gowda & Mrs.Deepashree Arun’s Bungalow

Here is the 2nd Part of Walkthrough of the massive 4 BHK independent house of Dr. Arun Gowda & Mrs.Deepashree Arun’s Bungalow. #Commom study area: …


24 comments on ““BELAKU” Part 2 | Interior Design of Dr. Arun Gowda & Mrs.Deepashree Arun’s Bungalow

  1. It's your choice… but you lost the coolness of design particularly color choice after living hall.. I like only living hall and Study table only

  2. Colour choice not so impressive.. entrance was very beautiful.. living space was also beautiful..

  3. nice house… ceiling is great,color choice is very bad…. girl's room is good but boy's one is like disaster of colors…. Master bedroom is quite big but black and white theme make it all goes wrong. The floor and walls of room not complementing each other… Bonito doing great job but the choice of customer for the interior not really good

  4. superb work specially master bedroom that black and white it's just too good

  5. My god this Bungalow is so awesome ..😍😍

  6. My dear cameraman, in these type of videos you should show the item he is describing about. Not his face while he is telling. Else you should cover both. And by the way designs are not great its average and boring

  7. They've invested a lot but the bedrooms look awful !

  8. Mind blowing designs awesome😘😘…..i want that project cost plzz will u inform me

  9. It was more like a hotel. It didn't have a homely feel to it. May be that's what your clients wanted but for me it didn't work. I don't like the idea of black and white in my master bedroom.

  10. The more i see….. more over use of color. No balance

  11. Such a wonderfull big space but overdone very very. Orange color for guest is un welcoming… ii wud feel uncomfortable…… but false ceiling great.

  12. study table of glass with no base in kid's bedroom ?
    Black laminate in dark room ?

  13. Wav!!!! Really Fentastic house……πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ……bedrooms, paintings , lightings, even glasses….each and everything…..AwesomeπŸ‘πŸ™Œ

  14. Bionito really good and great

  15. Master Bedroom look so funny πŸ˜‚…. Black and white πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  16. Great design….lighting, sofa, beds include in this cost?

  17. The bedroom design is just to over done ! I mean how can someone sleep in a orange room ?

  18. wonderful design,thinking good!

  19. mrs deepa has a good test and it will become more creative with bonito design. simply awesome

  20. I don't like girl bedroom, bcoz that flower design on wardrobe is just old-fashion design..Over lights and over decorative, jus want to waste money..

  21. Who uses false ceiling lights all the time..there is no inspirational design here …it's money speaking only..the moment you start using glass ..there is no design element or character

  22. Money can buy things but nit aesthetical design

  23. I also do interior design course & i like to see your design it inspire me to make more creative ideas

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