45 comments on “Hilarious Interior Design Fails / YOU HAD ONE JOB

  1. 2:45 This one looks fine.

    What am I missing here?

  2. 6:02 is that just a toilet with wall paper that looks like apartments// rooms or is that a giant toilet by apartments?

  3. Can I get 20 likes I have never gotten 1always 0

  4. None of these are design fails

  5. Ok guys I want the pool bedroom now!! :0

  6. At 20 seconds…if thats at a bar or club, great idea

  7. Half of the design is not a fail its actually really cool

  8. 1:25 I wish that was my bedroom

  9. When designers got drunk.

  10. Wow, a bunch of people forgot how to do math and the hideous decor on the rest, yikes! No accounting for taste🤤

  11. Thank you. I enjoyed this

  12. Stair going up to nothing.


  14. I what that toilet of glas

  15. I get it now the video was a fail because it wasn't designed well as alot werent failures

  16. i like unfortunate stairs they are best for playing

  17. My mom put a door in upside down and was wondering why the handle was up so high lol. She then drilled in the frame so she could put a handle on it.

  18. Some of the picture makes my eyes sore..it's too extreme to the point it's almost disturbing

  19. Way too many photo shopped. I know some people are stupid but hey, come on here, where's the common sense to figure some of these out.

  20. Most aren't fails, but purposefully done.

  21. the hatchet is great!  i might do that with mine, until i go camping.

  22. Some of these look fine to me

  23. As for the clear toilet, of course I wouldn't want one, but I can understand why one would be made.  When I was a little girl, my mom would stop at a gas station to get gas, same one (the one with the green dinosaur logo?) every time.  They had a rental movie section, lol, remember those, Ok, I'm only 37 here.  Anyway, I saw the back of a movie with these wierd little creatures coming out of a toilet, and it scared the everloving heart out of me.  I couldn't sit on a toilet and poop.  I'd have to lift myself up and look every few seconds…  JUST TO MAKE SURE that those wierd things weren't in the toilet.  I eventually got over it.  But I know a lot of people fear rats climbing into their toilet, which can happen, so maybe someone wants to be able to SEE inside the toilet, and not just have there bare ass and private parts exposed to whatever could be in there.  I donno, just a theory.

  24. Sorry but that clear toilets cool. Why??? Why the hell not!!!

  25. The hatchet was actually pretty cool.

  26. Just one thing… the glass toilet isn't real. It's just a computer made image.

  27. Am I the only one who think the toilet is cool😕

  28. In the right place that axe key holder would be kind of cool lol

  29. Are these for real? I think some were just a joke but then again ???????

  30. Sigh most of those are taken from other videos again ….

  31. I would put that luxurious toilet on display.

  32. Sorry but very bad video

  33. Hey, I liked the cow bathroom. And I has gots taste.

  34. o my gosh I want the WC in the cover

  35. headrests over the urinals for those "tired" moments – great idea

  36. Mi cerebro sufrió un colapso intentando comprender si era cierto o no tanta estupidez arquitectónica y de diseño junta en tan poco espacio.

  37. The first pic is not a fail it’s a European out let they use in Russia Germany and France who made this video never left the USA

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