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  1. I really hope this inspires and informs you aspiring professional Creative Weirdos out there! Let me know if you have any more questions! Remember that your unique, creative voice is worth sharing always 💋👔🔮💡🦄 Love, Mr. Kate

  2. i have wasted my time watching you!!!! what a waste grrrrrrrrrrrrrr, bla bla bla!

  3. Love your style 👌🏼❤

  4. You came out in princess diaries two as the French girl!!!! I remember you!!!!

  5. Thank you! this was so edifying and motivating especially tip number 7 it's so true.

  6. Im 10 and I have always wanted to be either an interior designer or architect for 2 years because i play the sims and apparently amazing at it according to my friends 😐

  7. I love you Mr.Kate thank you for being an inspiration to everyone someday I will pursue my dream to become interior designer

  8. You guys should totally try out the game "home design"

  9. Mr Kate, a decorator is NOT an interior designer. Don't call yourself one. You are a decorator. The reason you help people renovate is because you hire someone who know what they're doing (ie a contractor). People like you are what confuse what real interior designers do. Do you know how to build a 3 hour fire wall? Do you know how to design a movie theater that meets space requirements and fire codes? Many states don't let you call yourself an interior designer until you go to an accredited school and/or pass the NCIDQ exam (which is hard). I've gone to years of school, and have NEVER once taken a decorating class. We study architectural drafting, physics, building, etc. It's TECHNICAL. I've had years of school and have had to pass rigorous set of tests. Please. Don't insult real designers with what you do.

  10. What subject did you choose for your A level or in year 12 ??

  11. My friend and I are 12 and already to planning to go to collage for interior design then starting a buisness

  12. You inspired me to be a interior designer!

  13. I don`t get whta's the point of this video. It gives no information… Doesn`t cover any of the most basic and obvious questions.. I don`t need someone to tell me that in order to get an interior desighner I have to study. If this is what I should do, I can figure it out for myself. It`s close to the mind and for sure – the most most obvious thing to do! I don`t need google nor a person to give me that "brilliant advise"! And no – I don`t think you need to study to do A CREATIVE job. That's why so many people do them and think they could do these jobs. Just like one don`t need to study to become a singer, a paintor, any kind of desighner, a writer.. This is a lie that society wants us to believe to go to schools and pay for cualifications. Nowadays they try to convince us we need a special education to do any kind of job. Even to order oranges in a box or to be a security in a night club, grab someone drunk for the elbow and push him through the door. And the majority of people – the stupid they are, they believe it. All the "advises" you gave were rally senceles, stupid and way beyond obviosu. I didn`t learn absoutely anything, but people like you like to make loong videos just airing their mouths while saying nothing and it becomes obvious you don`t want to share your expirience cause you don`t want the competion. By the way, speaking of the need to study, your projects are just a prove how one should have some talant to do a creative job and if you don`t have it, no amount of diplomas can`t buy it. And you say you are getting better with every room? Girl??!! I don`t want to think how were you at the beginning… I get the people don`t want to pass their experience to others and make their way easy, but then why doing the video faking a desire to help? I wanted to know how you decide what budget do you need, cause like you said – everythibg costs more that you think and takes more time than you think. But you can't tell the customer a huge price cause you are gonna scare him! How do you define the dead-lines, how do you find the items that u have in mind, cause you might have an idea, be able to create it on AutoCad or something but than don`t know where to find exact copy of your ideas. How do you combine the technical part with the creative part cause most people are technical oriented or creativity-oriented, almost never both. And can someone do the job if he don`t know how to make a digital image of it all or should hire someone who does? Do desighners HAVE TO have some partnership with the stores in order to get discounts? I`ve heard that this is where a designer gets his payment – from the discounts that big stores make him, not from their client`s pocket. What are the alternative versions of some materials and where to find that information? For example if I want to make a English style study, dressed in wood, I've heard there are alternatives which are much cheaper but look the same, cause a good cuality wood is very expensive. That kind of stuff. But I am sure, looking at your "projects" you don't even know that. Next time be sure you actually have some knowledge to pass on before "doing a video".

  14. yes girl! so proud and very motivating!

  15. You're such a beautiful person (inside and out!) Love that I found your channel <3<3

  16. OMG! Just get to the point already! Quit rambling and get to the point.

  17. Would you suggest finding a designer who'd be willing to let you apprentice to see what the career is really like before you start taking classes, get certified…?

  18. i remember back in 2007 i saw you in the movie Taking 5

  19. My true inspiration. Thanks Mom ❤️

  20. Thank you! I love your channel and this is very helpful.

  21. I like to watch your videos for your diy projects are very good

  22. I love you Kate 😍❤️💋

  23. Hey Kate! I found your channel the other day and I am in love. An interior designer is what I want to do when I am older which is why I love your videos so much (especially the one with MyLifeAsEva). This video has helped me so much to understand what I want to do and how I can become one. Thank you! xxx

  24. WHERE DID SHE SAY SHE WENT TO COLLEGE??!? Please help me !

  25. Hey Kate, love your video nd that you're a waldorph kid. Can you give a little bit more bout how to start. When you're beginning from scratch. Do you need a website? What pics can you use if you don't have a portfolio yet etc etc. thanks! Xxx

  26. after watching your videos my dream is interior designer and you are my role model

  27. I love your style in your videos! ily

  28. Sure I'm a kid but I really want to be
    A young interior designer!

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