24 comments on “IDS17 | Top Finds At The 2017 Toronto Interior Design Show

  1. OMG I enjoyed this so much. i feel like I was walking with you … great idea!
    They both are so positive… !

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  3. 5:27 I would be very pissed off if one of those things broke and I couldn't find another that matches the set or fit into that space. I'd simply burn my kitchen down. :/

  4. kadosh adonai israel-jerusalem jesus .fantastica.

  5. their vocal inflections and wording are irritating.

  6. living in a nice place is lifechanging

  7. Ah! Watched it 6 months ago, still feels like I'm watching it for the first time! Exploring the show with you guys are really exciting! Love from Bangladesh.

  8. I love this s show such a great designs and designs ideas

  9. these two are as annoying as f#$&. my ears bleed to their jibber jab

  10. and… the name of the designers ?? We need to know 4:12 love it !! i wanna buy it i don`t know how o where !! I can`t find it in dvx or lixil

  11. Love the way how you are renovating the houses and making things beautiful, the ideas are fascinating! There are other home renovation ideas that will be useful, especially with regards to kitchen and bathroom, renovation, check it out! http://bit.ly/HRIhometrends2017

  12. Why is her voice so much louder than his? Really kills it for me.

  13. Way to ruin the video Kimberely. LESS IS MORE (When regarding your voice)

  14. Her voice is annoying and she doesn't show true product knowledge like he does.

  15. I want to know when that bed with the extra storage is released? I cant find it on eq3

  16. This is gold! 😀 Wish to see more shows from you guys! Greetings from Bangladesh. 🙂

  17. Yeih! Thank you for the tour! Love it!

  18. omg I want to be friends with them both. 😊

  19. The commentary could be better. Why not pick a few pieces and actually ask the experts some questions as opposed to just walking aimlessly making random irrelevant comments. I think this video idea is interesting but lacks direction and good informative content.

  20. this makes me so jealous that i wasn't there. 🙁

  21. strange in Europe we have built in furniture gas or electric or induction cooking tops.. and seperate build in ovens all is built in furniture bet in usa they are standalone, i think it is ugly

  22. That looks like a really nice show!

  23. That was awesome! Please take us to more shows.

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