Interior Design — 3 Timeless & Elegant Bedroom Design Ideas

Designer Jenna Cadieux goes into detail about decorating three sophisticated bedrooms; a master suite, a teenage girl’s bedroom and a boy’s bedroom.

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22 comments on “Interior Design — 3 Timeless & Elegant Bedroom Design Ideas

  1. everyone who's saying "no personality" need to remember the owners haven't moved in yet. These videos are shot immediately after construction, design, and setup. What you're missing is personal affects, personal items on countertops, messy beds, personal pictures, etc……

    These are lovely designs. You can't just say no personality based off a 3 minute video

  2. Loved the mother’s bedroom and bathroom.

  3. doesn't feel cozy at all, really boring layout and barely any colour…

  4. Where are the side tables in the master bedroom from ? Please add a link to where I can buy them. I've seen them in another video and I'm in love with them.

  5. Is it just me or the designer looks like Jennifer Morrison???

  6. Light, airy and beautiful 😊

  7. I guess girls should stick to being pretty. I thought it was unusual to not think every student would enjoy a work space. I dislike how so many designers gravitate towards pink and floral prints in the girl's room. It could be the clients asking for it, but girl rooms are always so girly in my opinion. And most boy rooms are gender neutral and have a sophistication that even an adult can enjoy. I did enjoy the textures, tones, and color palette in the son's room and the bed piece and chairs in the largest room.

  8. Where can I find the furniture in this master bedroom?

  9. I loved the first room and the bathroom😍

  10. I think these rooms are extremely safe. They're pretty, but just so safe. Nice furniture, nice linens, but the wall colours and accessories are so typical. I think you can still have strong colors or even colours period and make it timeless. Overall, nice work, and I know a lot of homeowners are afraid of colour.

  11. Didnt like this video , wasnt Something to share or gain from … the layout disturb my Saul 😒

  12. love the four poster bed. it's like a piece of art

  13. I don't understand people who use canopy bed frames without any type of curtain

  14. the rooms are done nicely, but "personal"?? come on! how basic could the owners possibly be…

  15. The designer reminds me of Brie Larson lol

  16. too formal, no personality at all….

  17. the girl didn't need a desk and a 'larger work area' ??

  18. Those bedrooms remind me very much of impersonal hotel rooms.. 🙁

  19. Nothing special or uniquely "designer" here.

  20. absolute adorably every space is perfect ❤❤❤

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