19 comments on “Interior Design — A Canadian Cottage Makeover With a Dream Kitchen

  1. Is amazing how small changes can transform drastically a room. So luminous now

  2. Dreaming of a retirement home like this. Not necessarily as big as this but a decently-sized cottage w/ great interiors & a fantastic waterfront view. A river, sea or lake will do.. anyway, my favorite part of this house is the pantry! 😊

  3. The black and white cabinetry in the kitchen looks amazing…The grey sofa looks out of place

  4. where is that sectional from? Thanks!

  5. again, the style itself is not my cup of tea. but the transformation is amazing!! it's a very beautiful, cozy space now!! i love that they really opened it all up.

  6. It's so beautiful. It looks cozy.

  7. This is Gorgeous! I wonder about how much a renovation like this would cost? Maybe $50,000?

  8. Fresh and NICE. Thanks for all the transitional pictures…

  9. If this is considered their cottage, I'd like to see what their house looks like. I'd live in this one; so beautiful.

  10. Thanks for all the before pictures, helps to see how much it was transformed. Thank you for sharing.

  11. Stunning! One thing this US citizen envies… Canadian design. You nail it. Fabulous.

  12. I love the rustic vibe of the kitchen!

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