25 comments on “Interior Design — A Floral Designer’s Cool Creative Loft

  1. Absolutely stunning! Seriously, my dream home!

  2. Nice place but bad taste with decor.

  3. Love the balance of busy and minimalist. Lots of space for living and projects, but enough stuff to make it feel homey. This is what I want to achieve but rarely see suggestions for how to achieve it. Great place!

  4. Lovely home, but even more so – GORGEOUS skin!!! How???

  5. This is a really nice and big studio with loft, love it!

  6. the design (too me) is all over the place, the colors the textures EVERYTHING…The look doesn't do it for me…..but thats just my opinion…. I love the ladies personality its so sunny! ✌❤

  7. It's one of those homes you see on Pinterest design boards but could never really fathom actually exist. It's very different while being cute.

  8. Wow! What happened to that?! The clown sculpture has me SCREAMING!

  9. Love love loft 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻💕💕🇧🇷🇧🇷

  10. I would love to wake up in that bedroom!

  11. The white walls ehh, but the rest is wonderful.

  12. i am sooo over the "boho" thing. I loved bohemian style loooong before it was ever a thing, but then it became trendy and now I hate it. BUT I do like that their home is very personal to them. that's never a bad thing.

  13. Not my style at all, but a beautiful place.

  14. I love the flower crowns

  15. Nice gallery, oops I meant apartment.

  16. I never really know the idea that having a plant in the house.
    I heard it's not good. But i see a lot on YT.

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