34 comments on “Interior Design – A Modern, Edited Space That Proves Less Is More

  1. But I liked the different wallpapers and the chandelier!

  2. I love the space but I’m 🤔 wondering where is the Dining room, and where would you entertain? Eating space other than the kitchen bar?

  3. I like this video a lot. Although there were physical renovations to the space, this type of decorating can work with a lot of everyday homes. I like the idea of using rugs to separate the space and reducing the furniture pieces to make a statement.

  4. Ok, it's very nice and very manly
    But, I was kind of hoping they would have save at lest one wall of of that wall paper 0:09!!

  5. Love this! I love that is not overly decorated and not cluttered with unnecessary things like most interior design spaces. So open and bright! The rugs add such a nice touch!

  6. I like this house a lot. Thumbs up!

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  8. Our surroundings can change our day. Design is so important! I always talk about it on my blog.

  9. how much will something like this cost

  10. So sick of the carrera marble. In 10 years millions of these bathrooms will look outdated and everyone will move onto a new trend to copy each other on. Really being a designer is just copying what's already in the magazines. How about actually using creativity to do designs that we havent seen at IKEA yet??? No? Not a good designer then.

  11. LOVE the Belushi photo. Awesome.

  12. im obsessed with the muted chartreuse

  13. The owner guy talking is annoying to hear.

  14. The Jim Belushi art is awesome!

  15. What issue of H&H is the flat featured in? Thanks.

  16. Love how simple and elegant it is

  17. Picture frame is so yesteryears. It would look better with a large wall mural.

  18. Looks cool. love the b&w photo above the couch but a rug in the kitchen? really? great job though.

  19. love those art works. Would you please let me know where can I get them?

  20. If Jimmy likes rugs he should see all of mine from Target and the like.  Nice and bright!

  21. I really love the simplicity and elegance of this space!

  22. Best video ever, what a great space using mixture of furniture, can you tell me where did you get large floor lamps and the tall skinny bookcase in the bedroom?

  23. House and home designs are so predictable and boring.

  24. so interior designing u design ur furniture or ur the one pts them in place?

  25. Where is the couch from?

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