26 comments on “Interior Design — A Small Condo With Genius Storage Ideas

  1. Excellently designed small apartment. For more design ideas for apartments, check out apartmentbeautiful.com.

  2. Anyone know where he got his stools from?

  3. living and working in a nice place is. life changing

  4. Thats great. Makes me realize my biggest mistake.  I pick things out individually – ie.. this flooring is nice, this couch is nice etc.. need to start with an overall plan/vision.

  5. This is all Scandinavian design. Danish, Swedish combination. Wouldn't change anything but the moon landing pictures placed right between the frames.

  6. The Most Famous Artist!

  7. That fire surround so 60's CHAIR style! Love it!! 🙂 The Petrified Wood Table!!! That in itself is a Piece of History and a Talking Point… 🙂

  8. The fireplace is genius Swedish design and the focal point. Hidden coffee maker and bedroom storage also great. Coat hangers as wall art is ok/functional, so is stove cover. The rest is mish mash. For armless couch/sleeper, the Serta Palermo white 4 way convertible couch with 2 USBs would save more space, be more functional and blend beautifully with fireplace. If you have beautiful furniture you can skip the wall art in small minimal/industrial spaces. In a tiny space, the more white you use the larger/younger/cleaner it appears to be. Now you are ready to begin.

  9. anyone know what kind of fireplace that is?!

  10. Beautiful space and design.I love it and totally off the subject ….what a handsome man….gosh!

  11. Did he name drop his astronaut father?

  12. What a well spoken designer 🙂 listening to his tour is very pleasing

  13. I know its very nice place…but…i dont see genius space in this apt..

  14. I love the art. It's quirky and takes away from the seriousness of the house. I'm a bed person so I would hate that bed 😂😂😂

  15. "small" WHAT!? Maybe if you're living with 2 other people…

  16. Really slick! I love the green and gray, and how functional things are beautiful, like the wall hooks. The den is 21st century Pullman.

  17. I Love the interior design from you guys…

  18. holy shit, out of all the apartment design i have seen so far, yours are technically my top 5 now.

  19. I found the wooden stool most stupid… it the rest was pretty awesome

  20. That sofa looks uncomfortable. The cushion is thinner than the pillow.

  21. I didnt like the sofa for myself. you cant get comfy on it. specially because it doesn't have any handles to rest a pillow on it to lay down and get a afternoon nap :))

  22. Does anyone know where I can get the light up cloud above his bed?

  23. doesn't have deep pockets.. if his pockets aren't deep from seeing all these fancy upgrades, then mine are shallower than a baby pool.

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