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  1. Why do I feel like this remodeled master bed room more looks like a hotel room rather then a regular bed room.
    I do like that bathroom tho!

  2. Love it. What you touch, transforms into awesomeness πŸ˜‡

  3. My house is only 600 sq feet I cant do all that can u do something that is on a smaller size home. thanks

  4. To be honest this is almost exactly what I had envisioned my master bedroom to be like and seeing it done make me even more excited for my own to be completed. The only difference is that I am using a palette of blush champagne, royal blue and warm neutrals to finish it off. Great idea for using the two lounge at the front of the beds.

  5. Everyone cant afford. To buy all those costly things

  6. Do makeover for less budget also

  7. fr Jamaica loving your designs

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  9. Rebecca, I love your Projects! Every single detail is just awesome!
    Could you please tell me where I can get the mirror which is above the bed?
    Thanks a lot for your reply.

  10. beautifully styled… I <3 it x

  11. I just love you 😁…I have changed my small bedroom around and moved/replaced things to try and make it right and still haven't succeeded but you make it look so easy. This is BEAUTIFUL, as always!!!!

  12. Absolutely stunning!!! Love everything you do. Had to subscribe of course.

  13. OMG , I'm an interior designer and from now on you are my idol , i loooved what you did 😍

  14. Love the master bedroom!!! Beautiful!!!

  15. wow looks terrific, sophisticated and calming.

  16. It's easy, when you have Money, but try it, with less!

  17. The wood panels in the bathroom are such a great idea. It's something (at least for me) that I haven't seen before. Love it!

  18. Amazing design! I'm so thrilled in every design you made. I can't wait for my turn. How much the renovation cost of this ?

  19. You guy's make a wonderful team

  20. O wao this is wonderful God bless you guy's

  21. So beautiful I want this roomπŸ˜ƒ

  22. Hi, I am so in love with this bedroom paint colour!!! What is it ??

  23. Yes!!!! Absolutely PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. i love it!! looks like you did everything in two's!!

  25. What is the paint color? I love it!

  26. It's very nice. it really depends how u want it to look. For me, I'd like a little bit of color. Always the same muted tones. it can start to look too hotel like. it's a home, not a hotel.

  27. Who makes the bedroom furniture?

  28. This is exquisite! I love the layers of white, cream and all of those yummy textures. So dreamy! That wave tile is da bomb. The oval coffee table, mirror on the bottom and glass top, is just genius! I love the studded white chair in the bath. and you launder and PRESS their sheets and pillow cases!! XOXOX

  29. Hello Rebecca, I'm ordering a bed frame, similar to the ones that you have here on the video. The seller advised me to order one without the feet (I can choose the same exact model, with feet or flush to the floor), because she said without the gap means it won't collect dust under it. And i've never thought of this before, but now I do.
    So my question is, what is the advantage of having bedframe feet? is it purely aesthetic thing? or there's a functionality to that. Because for example the bedframe at 3:25 in this video, has feet, but very short therefore not very noticable aesthetically, so why not they just make it flush to the floor? I can understand if the feet are really high that makes more sense to have them to get a certain look…

  30. How many meters is the bedroom?

  31. so nice! Thanks giving me lots of ideas doing my projects!

  32. I hope to see you on HGTV soon. You definitely belong there

  33. wow.. absolutely gorgeous!!.. πŸ™‚

  34. I wonder what size mirrors were used in the bedroom. Been thinking about incorporating the idea into my decor.

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