Interior Design — Before & After Bedroom On A Budget

Find out how designer Trish Johnston gave a small master bedroom style on a budget. She used a wall stencil instead of pricey wallpaper, made big-box bedding look high-end and created clothing…

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29 comments on “Interior Design — Before & After Bedroom On A Budget

  1. Real nice transformation. Thx for sharing. Pls would you mind sharing some of these websites you mentioned especially where u scored lamps and side tables. Thanks.

  2. Rooms looks great, wondering what a small budget is?

  3. Absolutely adore the navy and overall color palette. So chic!

  4. WHAT yo want us to get smaller bed? 😂 Ha. your adorable.

  5. The stencil reminds me of an old fashioned quilt, my grandmother would have called a counterpane ( if I spelled that right )-so I don't think that particular design works well with the more modern feel of the room. I love the stencil idea, just not the design of the stencil. I love the color combination. I am not crazy abut the bed side tables and the lamps don't work for me at all. ( pendants or scones would have worked for me…something to add some height.) All that being said, the room is much improved

  6. I love navy blue, and it's my favourite colour in all the world, the only blue I don't like however is turquoise 😬💁🏽💁🏽; I love what you did with the room though😜😜🙋🏽🙋🏽; where are the side tables from💁🏽💁🏽💁🏽

  7. Check woodprix instructions if you'd like to make it better and cheaper 🙂

  8. Where are the online store links? What was the budget? You being a designer, $5,000.00 could be small.

  9. Enjoy this designer and her work, always looks remarkable! Bravo!!

  10. Love everything except the wall color (too dark) and the stenciling.

  11. Love everything you did in this bedroom makeover!

  12. I m ur fan 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  13. Looked much better before. More classy. Should have worked with that understated, calming look.

  14. how long did it take for you to stencil that wall? I love navy!

  15. living in a nice place is lifechanging

  16. I feel like rich people's "small budget" is a small loan of a million dollars.

  17. where did you get the stencil for the wall?

  18. The stencilling is lovely but apart from that it has very little character, all the symmetry reminds me of a hotel rather than a home. Just my opinion .. 🙂

  19. Please can you tell me where you got the bedside tables from! thanks!

  20. great advice! thank you!

  21. Budget? anywhere from $1500 to $4000 easily

  22. I need a place to to decorate!

  23. Something is off about this room.  I think it's the scale. The end table lamps are way too small for that bed and wall.

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