Interior Design — Best Design Ideas For Split-Level Homes

On, see how talented antiques expert Jill Kantelberg took her 70s home from dated to dramatic. Get her tips and tricks for cool, multicultural living. Watch hundreds…


31 comments on “Interior Design — Best Design Ideas For Split-Level Homes

  1. Yes exactly this way! Oh dear, bless you!

  2. Amazing taste level. I’m a kitchen and bath designer. I didn’t think she was pretentious at all.

  3. Let's not focus on destroying the woman for the way she speaks , let's appreciate the good taste and balance she created between new and beaten

  4. the more I watch this the more I really like this space and can appreciate her style, as its very close to my own style. but I did chuckle a bit when she said "I DARINGLY stepped the bathroom inside the master bedroom." ..oh boy. we've got a rebel on our hands folks! lol. but seriously this home is beautiful and I can also relate to my personal spaces never being done. when you're a creative person it comes with the territory, I suppose.

  5. Don’t like the bathroom open to the bedroom concept (when I’m laying in bed I don’t want to smell bathroom – soap, shampoo, toilet etc).

  6. Love the space hate the design and the designer

  7. I have a question Idk if I will get a reply back but is there such a thing of a loft duplex house ? Or something like it ?

  8. She is an artist.And the house looks like art.People hate apparentely arrogance.We don't know lady's story, maybe she is shy .Who are we to judge?We need to be all the same full of smiles or even worse full of fake smiles?And the channel is about design anyway.

  9. Here are some home interior design ideas with modern decorating styles you may like:

  10. You should have sticked with WOW. Multi cultural is not a word, it's two. Stuck up bitch!

  11. so beautiful furniture i love this 😘😘😘

  12. his ordinary dream house I saw see on the site

  13. Your voice is kinda weird in a weird way.. O___o

    Wat? "Multicultural"? Fuck off Lady >;OOOO

  14. I'm intrigued by this lady. I want to have a face-to-face conversation with her. Alcohol must be involved, though. And maybe some 90s mainstream hip-hop. She has another side… I just know it.

  15. Wonderfull, it's look like a museum.

  16. This woman is so full of herself. Omg, I hate designers ……..get off your high horse. It's just furniture and design.

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