45 comments on “Interior Design | Del Mar Reveal #2 | Living Room & Dining Room

  1. it is awesome design! i love to watch your latest video with latest design you are great thank

  2. ΑΜΑΖΙΝG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I love the big grey wall on the fire place.

  4. Love the window treatments and think the four chairs in the living area is a good idea (better than what ppl normally do). Only thing I didn’t like was the big gold-plated piece on the living room wall (seems to clash with the chandelier).

  5. Very stylish and once again amazing job…keep up the good work.

  6. I LOVE the design! Very high end looking, perhaps more for a sophisticated apartment rather than a family home, still, I adore the design

  7. i love this project can you please tell me the name of the walls it is beautiful

  8. Everyone has one (an opinion!) is what I say to the person that said the room was cold. Some people see things differently. I think this is a yet another fantastic job! Wow… you must be soooooo expensive! 🙂 How come I couldn't have found your site sooner?????

  9. I loved every detail except that only 4 people can sit in living room…where would the guests sir?

  10. I love the chandelier in the dining room


  12. So great! I'd love everything😄. how to be u😉

  13. So great! I love everything u do😄… how to be u😉

  14. So great! I love everything u do😄… how to be u😉

  15. So great! I love everything u do😄… how to be u😉

  16. The four chairs are although trendy they are Inconvenient for such a large family

  17. I love the way that you design .You are my favorite

  18. Dining Room: Love the moldings on the windows n on the ceiling (the X n lightfixture board), swinging door. Love light hitting the paintings (I would want is family portraits).
    Sitting Room: Love Love the wall sticking out n updated fire place.

  19. It’s an amazing transformation. Love it!

  20. This is absolutely beautiful! My dream living room. May I ask where you got that gorgeous Sunburst mirror above the fireplace?

  21. Love your earrings. Where did you get them? I need them in my life.

  22. Beautiful but a little more on the masculine side.

  23. When you do contemporary, you have to have a lot of lighting techniques, and dramatic art, since all the fruniture is plain simple lines!!

  24. My Mom took interior design, so I grew up AROUND all the books!! And different styles of furniture, but this LIVING room feels very COLD, I feel thats why gold tones were USED!!! But it dosen't work for me! I love Rebecca though!!,🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

  25. I just simply loved the colour scheme of the living room..love the dark earthy tones and the leather couch simply cherry on the cake..

  26. I'd like to see designers use more eco-friendly options in their design. Over the summer I was apart of a coral restoration project. Scientists and researchers are spending enormous time and money into restoring our reefs across the ocean. I'm sad to see you use coral design elements in this home. More than likely it has been harvested from the ocean and further hindering already endangered habitats. Next time I hope you'll stop and think for a second about the HUGE impact you could be having on the environment and the very minor impact it would have had on this design space had that coral not have been there.

  27. That chevon wall and the dandy burst 💗

  28. this living room is absolutely stunning. excellent/brave execution.

  29. Beautiful room, I love the wall and the mirror. I Los love the chairs and Dior coffee table book.

  30. swoon. I wish I could do this magic in my home. Alas, it is hopeless-this is not my super power. I do love my home though.

  31. I love the lights over the dining room table and the way you did the window treatment. I also love the wall in the living room but that sun/flower thing doesn't go there.

  32. I'll take the big flower thing on the table.. sea something and the sun burst thingy on the wall.

  33. I love the living room! Beautiful mirror! Not a fan of 4 chairs, makes it very hotel-ish, but the look is amazing! I wonder what is the budget for a change like that!

  34. I liked the window & ceiling part too much it’s just amazing that window thing made room bigger huge , whole house has come too good👍🏻👍🏻

  35. My heart LITERALLY dropped when I saw that light fixture 😍

  36. You are an amazing designer, one of the BEST!!!!!!!

  37. I deserve the happiness this house (rooms) give me. Love, love it❤️

  38. I don't think I ever see some house more beautiful than that is unbelievable you are extremely good gorgeous every little detail is perfection❤😘

  39. My favorite aspect is the window treatments: very, very clever

  40. The house is sooo big that robson looks super small

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