23 comments on “Interior Design | Del Mar Reveal #4 | Outdoor Living Spaces

  1. Love the design really well done, I was cracking up; wife is like "I'll never leave my house" but the look on the husband is like "I don't think I will ever be able to afford to leave the house with what this must have cost me"

  2. I’m in ahhhh, please adopt me🙃


  4. Such an amazing job. My God I have never seen such a beautiful work.

  5. Love the yard. This project is one of your best work.

  6. Hei I really enjoy your page ☺ Keep it up!

  7. I wish if you decorate my home unfortunately I am still not rich enough to afford a house😞

  8. Rebecca you ROCK young lady. I just LOVE LOVE LOVED this design. AMAZING!

  9. Super cool job. I must say you are the best. I am following you on Instagram as urvashi_joshi02810@yahoo.com

  10. Omfg looovveee. It’s amazing

  11. The outdoor place was gourgeous i wish I had all that but Ian Poor my parents work really hard to give me what I want and Ian proud and thankful but idk I would even be happy no dead if i had the before of that house of less

  12. This is so beautiful , it looks like a resort

  13. This looks so amazing like wow i cant believe people actually live here lol but i bet it costed alot but wow amazing job😍😍😍😍you need ur own tv show literally i would watch 24/7 lol

  14. Rebecca…I m literally in love with u… y don't u start ur own television show

  15. What would happen to all the pillows when it rains

  16. Incredible! You are a truly gifted designer.

  17. You are my dear an amazing heaven sent😍😍

  18. Look what you've done, Rebecca. I've been binge watching your channel for two days. Still, as soon as I get to the computer, here I am again and I can't stop myself. I've watched this particular one, several times. The extending of the indoor space into the outdoor, is marvelous. The sky lights, amazing. I've watched that portion of the video again and again. The shades and screen coming down, beyond cool. You are more than a designer. You are a genius at transforming spaces. I love that you're not afraid to tear down walls. I'm in love with your style.
    Back to watching more reveals. Oy, vey. I wish someone would pay me for watching your videos. I'd be a millionaire, soon.

  19. Omg i cant believe how beautifully you designed the outdoor space

  20. Omg ! I love everything !!

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