27 comments on “Interior Design — Expert Decorating Tips For New-Build Homes

  1. Waooooo so nice u and ur home beauti fulll

  2. Where do the kitchen pendants come from?

  3. i love her voice, very soothing

  4. Nice! nice! very nice… 💛

  5. Amazing decor!! Where are the living room curtain panels from?

  6. almost all videos from house & home channel have white houses…

  7. I love her designs! she looks so nice and down to earth.

  8. Hi, may I know where you got that curtains, rug in the living room as well as the rug in the dining room?

  9. Ohhhhhh 🤗 how lovely and comfortable 😍☺️
    This is totally amazing 👗👡🐶🍀💐🍄

  10. The family room is optically beautiful but no comfortable. Sectionals are awkward for lounging on and the accent chairs, while really cool, are not chairs you can sink into and watch television. That said, this may be more of a conversation space and any serious, game day, tv viewing takes place in theater room or other space?

  11. Quite lovely. It felt quite masculine to me. And loved the way the dog was placed on the lounge like a baby 😀

  12. Simply gorgeous!! The brass pendants are exquisite, and all the seating looks very comfortable. This space is very warm, as it was intended to be. It would have been great to see the bedrooms and bathrooms, too!

  13. Beautifully done but a bit too white for me.

  14. I love the way she explained everything she's very humble and and professional

  15. The brass accents look so warm…..love, love, love. The wood, the ivory tones, with the marble……..so lovely. Great job!

  16. Jenna, where did you get that beautiful couch?

  17. Is paint not sold in Canada

  18. please show more of this home

  19. Hi may I know where to buy those island light fixture ?

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