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  1. Hey Shawna,
    Your videos are really very helpful
    I need a suggestion from you that is, I have completed my bachelor's in interior design from India and doing a job as junior interior designer in India from past 1 year
    I was planning to get a job in abroad so please help me regarding the opportunities and salary over there.

  2. Hi Shawna! I am an interior design student as well! I loved your portfolio and wanted to create a hardcover book for mine as well. What website did you use to create your book?

  3. hey, whats your opinion about microsoft surface laptop for interior designing ??

  4. Hi there, what do you think abt Ryerson ?

  5. Designers or should I say Interior Architects? Let me introduce a great source of custom furniture for you! Working with this company since 2010, nice reliable and good prices – https://goo.gl/cVezhq . Deliver all around US and Canada.

  6. Hi Shawna, I am currently attending the NY Institute of Art & Design, online. I decided to go back to school after my daughters were grown and doing their own thing and I wanted to motivate them. After 25+ years of experience, my grandmother was an antique dealer and artist in Columbia, SC. So, I am hoping to complete my certification by March and rolling right into cad and according to your video, I am on point. The school actually directed me to this subject on utube. I am in the process of putting my portfolio together so that I can email when sending out a resume. HNY, love Cheryl Blue, North Myrtle Beach, SC

  7. This is really an informative and helpful video for many out there.
    Will it be fine if you haven't opted Math and Fashion (We didn't have Fashion as an option) in 11th and 12th grade (Me: Bio-IP student) but have a great interest in designing & creative skills??

  8. Hi Shawna

    How did you put together your portfolio? I'm working on mine and would love some tips.

  9. Pretty what software do you use to edit your videos?

  10. How do I know if I'm good for interior design

  11. How many hours do you work?

  12. Which is best foreign country for interior designer job

  13. I love u madly,u look awesome

  14. I just subscribed to your channel and I love your content! I just transferred to a design school for interior design! I start in October and your videos are making more excited!

  15. Nice info…Am from india make videos on the topic of making a portfolio of residecial design asa well as retail design.

  16. How many and what types of software that you use for design your project….

  17. How much does the career actually cost

  18. Hi Shawna. I am a graphic designer just want to say. You are so beautiful

  19. -Can you be a interior designer if you have a major in design in university?
    -Art school vs university which one is better?

  20. Is it hard to find a Job for a Interior Design graduate?

  21. thank you so much.. very informative..

  22. How many years overall does it take for graduating in an interior design program? And how long does it take to actually become an interior designer?

  23. Please do a video on your portfolio.

  24. Is interior design a busy work?

  25. I really enjoy interior decorating but I'd like to be an interior designer will I still be able to do lots of decorating as an interior designer ?

  26. hey. Next year I'm going to year 12 and I have to choose 4 subjects. I want to be interior decoration but my problem is I don't like maths and physics I don't want to choose them next year. can you please help me to choose subjects that can take me to interior decoration. my school have so many subjects such as art, photography, graphic design, psychology, etc

  27. what subject did you choose in year 12?

  28. This video was literally so helpful thanks Shawna!

  29. Thank you so much for doing this video! It was very helpful! I hope to see more interior design videos!!

  30. I just got accepted into the Interior Design program at Humber College. I need to buy a new laptop because Google sketchup and renderings always crashed or didn't work at all on my windows laptop – when I was in the Interior Decorating program. Thank you for confirming that a MacBook works best. Your videos are really helpful.

  31. Hey Shawna, love the video! Also, I love the cover of your portfolio, it looks very stylish. A request – is it possible for you to make a video explaining and showing any 1 of your projects that you did in university and talking about the entire process from start to finish including whatever is needed to be done, what softwares were used etc. I would just love to understand more about how interior design works and what I'm signing for!

    PS- Love your top!

  32. I'm doing a Publishing major at Uni (which probably has a similiar amount of design and technical stuff as interior design) and you're so right about the Macbook air/pro situation! I have a macbook air and it can't handle photoshop and illustrator or indesign being open at the same time ☹️

  33. Do you use "3ds Max" for your visualizations? I study in Ukraine and we use AutoCAD + 3ds Max.
    What do you think about "Revit"? I heard that Revit is used by many famous architectural bureaus. Do you use it in design, too? Or you use an autocad for drawings, and then go to 3ds Max to work with the volume and visualizations?
    I'm just very interested in which programs designers work in Canada)))
    Thank you)

  34. still not done watching but I already know it's hella useful so thanks girl 💅

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