24 comments on “Interior Design — Grand Lake House Inspired by the Hamptons

  1. Really beautiful home. Love the color combination.

  2. I actually enjoyed this house! She's right, the Hamptons look is timeless! They will get many years out of this design without having to redecorate. It will still be classy in 10 -15 years. The only thing I would change is the valances in the bedroom, but I'm guessing that this was the homeowner's choice rather than the designers. Job well done!

  3. seriously it's so beautiful…i love blue, so it's perfect for my house.. cant wait to deco mine..

  4. Love a blue and white pallet!💕

  5. I don't know if I could commit to so much blue in my home, but this house is lovely.

  6. I love blue my favourite colour. Beautiful design and beautiful house.

  7. Hmmm…the valances still read '80's' style to me despite the designer's update. Agree with the other comments – wish there was more of a mixture of colours rather than shades of blue. Each to their own!

  8. This house is too bLuUuEeEeE

  9. Looks boring and dated.More like for older couple taste hope this wasnt for a young couple.

  10. " It was a bit of a pickle" lmao .. I think the use of blue would have been better used more sporadic.. It felt over done to me using that much blue… Such a gorgeous house decorated so badly… All the furniture choices were nice.. I noticed that it looked very contrived.. I noticed there were no end tables in the main living space and not very much lighting. It would have been nice to see the blue sofas juxtaposed with different coloured carpets..

  11. Can still pop a yellow, or fuschia, or red cushion to the blue and white furniture to zing it abit. Very standard, to the book remake.

  12. I love how it feels like a lake house and not a suburban home.

  13. I don't like the feel of this place at all!

  14. "Tension between old and new" sums this up so well. Excellent use of classic pieces that often look dated even when new, as well as complex pattern/texture combinations in an otherwise pretty restrained colour palette. Only thing I dislike is the stone wall around the fireplace, but that's a personal preference.

  15. I love the sofas so much!

  16. Did she say "tens of compliments" or "tons of compliments"?

  17. Really nice work. Love from Bangladesh

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