Interior Design — How To Add Modern Style To A Historical Home

Step inside a light-filled historical home with a stunning modern interior. See how designer Ines Mazzotta of Kelly Hopter Interiors updated the 1877 space to fit …


25 comments on “Interior Design — How To Add Modern Style To A Historical Home

  1. Great work!!
    Loved the way paintings were composed on the wall..
    well balanced 🙂 …


  3. this is very beautiful n tastefully done house.

  4. Stunning home! Would anybody be able to tell me the artist of the white sculptures displayed at 0:55?

  5. Pretty much my dream house! Love the mix of classical and more contemporary pieces. And this has given me so many ideas that I'm going to try and recreate in our tiny 2-bed. Thanks for sharing!

  6. this home is absolutely gorgeous!! such a great mix of modern, contemporary & traditional. very unique, artsy and cozy. I LOVE it! ..especially all of the awesome artwork. that piece above the fireplace is absolutely stunning. I must have one! lol. ❤

  7. Love this home and that leather chair in the bedroom.

  8. wish you couldve showed the outside of the house too 🙁

  9. Such a beautifully curated & restful home. Can you please tell me the name of the bed throw fabric.

  10. Beautiful Place! And so you helpful with ways to design a house in the future

  11. Lovely place! 🙂 Could you tell us what the paint color of the walls is?

  12. Where did they buy those lamps???

  13. I have been trying to add a contemporary twist to my Victorian home. Its hard to get just the right combination.

  14. cómo que un gato encima de la mesa del comedor???😯

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