15 comments on “Interior Design – How To Design A Beautiful Indoor-Outdoor Space

  1. that's a gorgeous enviable space you have ! 😍

  2. I like the outdoor living space. I plan to have one but no sure suitable in my country which hot and heavy rain most of the time.

  3. Table is blocking the drawers…

  4. Why didn't you show the rest of the yard. Would have loved to see the pool.

  5. ugh. this is what happens when you have more money than you do design skills. the outdoor space looks great, but the indoor space is confusing and makes no sense. there's way too many styles going on in that space (modern, contemporary, rustic, farmhouse) and something is off. it just feels very strange and uncomfortable…but that's just my opinion.

  6. Love the look, but that fiddle leaf ficus does not and will not survive in that corner with no bright light.

  7. Love the outside dining area, where did you find the acrylic bench? I absolutely 😍

  8. Where is this home located at? Beautiful

  9. Does anyone know here i can get a necklace like hers? It's gorgeous.

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