40 comments on “Interior Design – How To Design A Bright & Edgy Loft

  1. One thing I’ve noticed – Canadian designers love white paint 🙂 So different from the designs I see on HGTV.

  2. I love every room except the kitchen, it's too much white

  3. I love this home…very cool!!!

  4. It's nice to see something different for once!

  5. It is easier and preferred for Virgos to live in an all white place but for everyone it FEELS like walking into heaven even if you need to aclimate. Floor to ceiling white sheer drapes could add softened dimension. In my designs I try to "round out" the square box. I would have mixed the colors in each room instead of "ikea ish" one color per room making it retail monochromatic. The 2 blue 1960s main room chairs from "2001 a space oddessy" would be complemented with one or two red "mamma chairs with ball ottoman" and a yellow or white couch. I would also have installed an all white ROUND three quarter moon kitchen even if it meant raising the kitchen floor to cover gas and drain lines. The multi colored books/shelves exhibit the "peppermint" look. A giant yellow umbrella hung over a round bed could spark interest. Add reginae and nicolai bird of paradise in large white pots with hanging fuschia and my original artwork in white frames and you would be at my place.

  6. love the plants the kitchen and the bedroom

  7. your house color matching is very impressive. white is also good.

  8. wow,totally awesome I love the openness design especially white 👌👍💖

  9. Love the way every corner has its theme color – blue for a living room, red for a bed room, black for a dining room and yellow for a bathroom! Futuristic but still approachable. Love it!!

  10. So original and bright, Love it!

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  12. I don't see why he called this vintage

  13. i love the plants and the room tucked behind the bookshelves : )

  14. Well, it's definitely different – but nice!

  15. FANTASTIC!!! FINALLY someone with plants! I'm also a "plant hoarder" and am becoming more minimalist. The plants give off such a lush, tropical vibe. ALIVE!

  16. really like it,,,timeless i say 😉

  17. I love in the bedroom the smiths wall one of my favorite s music group.
    love the loft .

  18. I love how bright he made his space in some occasion when you need to save energy to bring in light, this is the best design you can come up with. but it's too bright for me who doesn't like waking up so early because it's just so damn bright!

  19. I love white spaces but this one has almost too much, I still like it though!

  20. It needs lots of textures, and function..

  21. Despite the blue and the sculptural furniture still to white and to "cold" for me. But I can imagine people loving it. It's just not for me. I do think he is a great designer with a good sense of humour and guts!! Thanks for sharing this intriguing vid.

  22. It does not look or feel like a home but more like a showroom. I'll not feel comfortable living like that.

  23. I would probably never decorate my space like this, but I love it!

  24. I love Stephane designs I have seen his other works all have a unique look not for everyone but what design or desgner is??

  25. Such a creative space!!

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