24 comments on “Interior Design — How To Design A Two-Storey Family Room

  1. So beautiful. Classic but with modern lighting, really bright and cool yet soft where it needs to be. Could absolutely imagine living here.

  2. Rebecca Robeson is much better than you guys . its the truth, sorry.. You need to be more professional.

  3. hmmmm…………..no

  4. Love the livability of this space and the darker couch and chairs with the light wall and lighting.

  5. Very architectural…luv. I want to do something similar.

  6. The paneling in the family room is very well thought out and the kitchen cabinets are very nicely finished. The dog is adorable too. 😉

  7. wo…their talking styles so different. almost seemed like a sketch comedy skit. I was more focused on that rather than the space that didn't really catch my attention but is nice.

  8. Before/After photos would be VERY helpful.  Also, just speak-instead of intentionally modulating the ups and downs of your voices.  Maybe check out Rebecca Robeson's videos.  I'd scoot the round table to in between the chairs in the eating area by the window- that way it won't ever be in the way and is still useful.  And how about a lamp or two there- the current situation only has overhead lighting for nighttime.  Thank you.

  9. I think it's so challenging to decorate such a large space, but the two of you did a great job.  I especially love the furniture i.e. double ottomans and chair nook in the dining room. =)

  10. where is that curtain in the dining / kitchen from ?

  11. To be honest I really love this house.

  12. I think the kitchen tiles needed to go. No before pics?!

  13. Boring! Too safe. Just my personal opinion…

  14. Man these ladies had a challenge on their hands with clients who have such a low taste level. I mean at least their taste is super bland suburban. The French word for their taste would be bouf. I applaud these ladies for bringing some contemporary pieces into the space even if its just the light fixtures and cabinetry hardware lol. Bravo ladies, I can see you were designing with all four hands tied behind your backs. How frustrating this job must have been for you guys. That's why you kept saying "they loved it!" lmao.

  15. Rachel I love your dimples, so pretty. I also like some of this minimal design! 🙂

  16. I have a 22' ceiling in my living room. I took note of how the wall molding was built up. The ceiling treatment is out of my budget but I would be willing to try a darker colour to add some dimension and interest.

  17. ADD COLOR EVERYWHERE PLZ. That would be great, cuz white, bright, and really colorful is AWSOME.

  18. BRAVO!!! I love this look!! I like the openness and light!!! Very nice!!!!!

  19. Beautiful home. I really like it. However, I question if it is optimal for "kids" and "dogs" with respect to the white colour base. But, the place is very bright and open. Rachel and Diane did an awesome job on the lighting, window treatments and fixtures. I do think they mentioned that the budget was an issue so they had to keep certain features and furniture. I think because of the openness of the space, the high ceilings and the light it could have used a more "saturated" colour scheme maybe? Awesome job, thanks for sharing your work.

  20. That console looks like it doesn't belong.

  21. Honestly thought this was the before footage from their description. They say it was all beige before and they wanted to bring in colour. This is different how exactly?

  22. nothing casual about this..looks cold

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