INTERIOR DESIGN | How to Shop for Your Interior Design Style – FARMHOUSE STYLE

It’s time to talk about the FARMHOUSE DESIGN STYLE!! Don’t forget to vote for the next design style! Make sure you subscribe to my channel for new DIY decor …

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46 comments on “INTERIOR DESIGN | How to Shop for Your Interior Design Style – FARMHOUSE STYLE

  1. So I am a 20 year old that is going to inherit the farm house, but what happened was my parents hid away the farm house part of the house by putting walls almost everywhere. If you can direct me to other channels that would be great. Also great video. I really love it. It has given me tips on a lot of things.

  2. This video seriously helped me so much!! I've been remodeling my room but I get confused when I'm at the store and online because there is so many things and styles so this really helped me find specific things to look for!!

  3. SHARRAH! I want to win your clock sooooooo baaadddd!!!! Please pick meeee 😍😍😍😍😍

  4. SOOO glad I found you! This is exactly the type of content I have been needing. We are moving into a new place we’ve been renovating for over a year now and I’m so lost when it comes to decor!

  5. Traditional, if you haven't done a video on that one, yet. 😀

  6. Vintage shabby chic style

  7. You're tips are great but you never say what store you are in when showing various items. I would like to know!

  8. Could you do a coastal video shop with me I'd like some ideas.

  9. Country French is another cute look

  10. I got the "fresh baked pies served daily" sign at the target Dollar spot for $3

  11. What store r shopping at?

  12. Would love to do the coastal but I have a lot of more traditional wood pieces !?!?

  13. Shabby French is my love.

  14. Love your energy…I just left big comment on find your style video…I would call this contemporary farmhouse…I liked the “lived here over time look”…may lean a little traditional…although all the stores are selling farmhouse decor…I don’t think real farmhouses would have the chalk boards and signs everywhere…I’m not a hater I make signs and love a gallery wall! I also refinish furniture….I like some whites and colors to brighten up spaces and I don’t want everything to be distressed…some gives the comfy lived in over time look. Thank you for sharing!

  15. thanks for the tips! Its funny how many of these pieces and "partial"? looks I have accumulated over the years, now I need to just get them all out and tie them together!

  16. I would love to see a coastal style with a farmhouse vibe

  17. This is completely random and irrelevant to your video and Im not sure if anyone has mentioned this before to you but you remind me alot of Leslie Mann 🙂

  18. Cottage shabby chic style or French country cottage

  19. Very interested in coastal style with a modern touch

  20. Arts and crafts/mission style please

  21. Some nice ideas here on putting things together but Im not really a fan of fake farmhouse goods. They are flimsy China crap. Flea markets and antique stores have many great things not made in China (yuck) and are plentiful without adding more stress to the environment. Plus its a fun time to spend with friends. The farm folk used what they had. That was the farmhouse “decor”. It wasn’t meant to be cutesy but is all works today in our homes. Please think about the environment and what all the decorating changeover is doing to Mother Earth.

  22. This was super helpful! I am a combination of Farmhouse and Boho. I would love help with combining them! Thank you!!

  23. Mid century modern, please! 😜

  24. Can you do one on primitive style, please?

  25. I'd love to see places to shop for "farmhouse glam"! 🙂

  26. Rugs are expensive af. I've been looking for some area rugs but I just can't bring myself to drop the money on them. I imagine a jute rug of that size is close to $200. Hell, it might even be more. It wouldnt surprise me at all.

  27. I'm eclectic design style. Will you be having a video on this style?

  28. Hello Sharra, thanks for sharing. I enjoyed this video very much as I wanted to know more about this style.

  29. Please do contemporary with a dash of traditional ?? 😀 and how about kids room styles?

  30. Need advice-I own thrifted (baked bean color) folding book shelves. They were originally from Container Store. Was thinking of painting them but needed advice how to paint them to look Farm House/Rustic. Any ideas?

  31. Traditional next please !!!

  32. Can you do a video on mixing different styles please? My style is a mix of farmhouse and industrial, love both the looks and I'm trying hard to make it work, so any tips??

  33. This is sooooooo helpful!!! Thank you! We are trying to achieve a Zen clean open light but cozy space with a spa relaxing feel in our new very small town home for our family of five. Any ideas for that type of look? Thank you for all you do!

  34. Love this series. I’m moving and selling off a bunch of our furniture and purchasing when we get there. We have this hideous shag carpet in the new rental and I’m not certain if I can put a rug on top of it to hide it.

  35. i so love it!!!!!!! thanks for the ideas!

  36. Love my big ass clock too!! I love the farmhouse furniture, it made sense with my four kids. Now having kids of their own.

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