27 comments on “Interior Design — How To Warm Up A Modern Home

  1. Love that giant mirror–really opens up the space. Would love to incorporate that in my own dining space, if I can find one that's not too expensive. 😊

  2. Sorry but why can’t you use a rug in a dining room?

  3. Soooo Korean style of interior design and I got surprised to see a Korean book on the shelf wow

  4. Geez, you CAN put a rug in a dining room.

  5. not functional for me. there are many areas with broken usage and she was not successful making it warm..

  6. @House & Home can you please tell me what design house Shirley uses for custom painted pieces like the server in this video?? do they literally handpaint with a brush or do they spray paint??

  7. Where is that giant mirror from? I WANT ONE

  8. Bulky but everything is in proper place that blends all interior making it best livable space.

  9. Lovely Advice and Designs

  10. Good but still feels cold tho…. Few big table lamps or/and a floor standing lamp will make such a big different in that living room, make it more cozy, warm and inviting…

  11. This house still looks cold, but it beautiful none the less.

  12. Who is the designer of that beautiful purple chair?!

  13. all it needs is a rug and the room will be instantly uplifted. Great design though

  14. The dining area is luxe and love the colors there. The marble table and pale pink chairs are everything! Why is the TV is a weird corner where it is not facing the seating though?

  15. I agree with all of the tips & suggestions this designer makes. While the ultra-modern style is not for me, I can still really appreciate it when done well. I feel the dining room is just too white/same; it's missing texture or variation so it appears blase. I would have changed the chairs and added a faint paint color. Not a fan of too many squares in the family room; needs some softness.

  16. Beautiful for a showroom…but, not practical for living…no warmth or comfort for a 'HOME'…it's gorgeous to walk through…just not a space to feel relaxed and welcomed in.

  17. "Books are like interactive decor" are u sure that's all they're good for?

  18. It's gorgeous and perfectly warm, don't listen to the haters!

  19. Pardon me, but I haven't seen a colder and more strict and sterile interior on this show. . You did not make it warm and you did not make it family friendly! And oh yes – I love a cold interior like that – all black and white and marble and gloss, where no children are allowed, in fact I dislike warm and cozy interiors, but please don't call this something that it isn't!

  20. I don't think she said the cliche line " one thing that was really important to us………." or did I just miss it

  21. I love the big mirror but not the rest. As long as the family who lives in it are happy and they love it, well, that's all that matters. If your goal was completed, that makes it a job well done even if it's not my style 😀

  22. If someone think modern is cold in that terms of cold to warm… Modernism is not about that type of concepts.

  23. How are you supposed to watch tv in the corner like that?

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