40 comments on “Interior design Indian Style

  1. Don't mind its not a hate comment but something is off about the room.
    Too much bricks spoil the house ya know

  2. Very nice and very beautiful

  3. offf khoboi sondor….

  4. Whats the name of music i want to know plz guide me

  5. Where are your home's toilets?

  6. What you need is vision plus choosy eye …for each …. Corner and market ….. And for that you have to keep looking ,… On and on …. Regards smita

  7. Beautiful so amazing dezien

  8. So nice dezien sir I'm Plambar faridshaik mo 8888114016

  9. Phone number please.

  10. Frankly u r not good for to be an interior designer… 😂😂😂 so terrible …

  11. Hahaha,it's ugly go look at how contemporary interior designs are !

  12. beautiful but too much of things

  13. Where do you provide service…

  14. Lighting look like panchayathu

  15. Plz call me 9623458303 I am waterproofing contractor

  16. Pune made ahe ka office tumche

  17. Any one pls tell me how much it cost around

  18. Ghar banane mein Kitna kharcha aya apko

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