Interior Design: Lighting Matters

See more at: Interior designer Anne-Marie Barton believes that decorative lighting is one of our greatest accessories. No other element in the home can provide…

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18 comments on “Interior Design: Lighting Matters

  1. i always look for lamps that use 3 way bulbs. that way you can put it on the first switch for cozy mood lighting & the 3rd switch for reading, etc..

  2. You do greige oh so well, BEAUTIFUL!

  3. Just not stylish at all, sorry

  4. Lots of coziness… I need people in real light…see what's going on…lololol

  5. What a beautiful home!!!

  6. Oddly my mom chooses similar fake vintage light fixtures and deco elements as shown here. I don‘t get how she doesn’t mind that its all fake. Its as fake as the Disneyworld castle. It‘s like a person wearing a costume, rather than their genuine cloth – its too manufactured, too planned. It‘s all products waiting for the trash until the next season. The amount of waste all of this decor creates its mind boggling. Interior design should not follow fashion trends or be in need to be changed out every few years. Timeless, original pieces, few of them, carefully assembled is the way to go for me – also creates less trash.

  7. Wow these tips were amazing. Here a quick tip for you guys. I just found a great looking bulb that lights just like real flame!! Got two and they are soo unique and perfect for our bedroom ambiance. I got them from this site

  8. We underestimate the power of our surroundings

  9. Too much ceiling cluttering lights: not a fan here

  10. Lighting does matter. In one's home and in one's youtube videos. 😉

  11. how much did that cost? o.o

  12. Love your home design and colors very warm and inviting.

  13. Anne Marie, you have an incredible style, and your home is amazing!

  14. wow…just wow amazing

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