20 comments on “Interior Design | Love Shack Bedroom | Fix It Fridays 2

  1. You do great work – but unfortunately i think this is your worst. I am sorry. Don't mean it in a derogatory way. Your other work are all magical. What i do want to know is….. is there a way you can achieve the rich luxurious look without the chocolate wood look ? It does look great in your other videos, but i really hate chocolate wood.

  2. I'd love to have that room today. Not for a love shack though. You re SO talented.

  3. I love it and its does not feel out of style at least for me is not.

  4. Even now, 12 years later, it still looks great! Love timeless style!

  5. Love that idea! Only u would think of that! Amazing!

  6. Timeless! Fabulous! Had no idea it wasn’t from 2018

  7. Not a fan. Putting a giant diarrhea colored curtain behind the bed and hiding natural light is not a brilliant idea. Generally, I love your ideas but I think this one was not quite right. Needs a redo in my opinion.

  8. not my favorite one of your designs. you didn't have much to work with though. a little hotel-ly for me

  9. That love shack still looks fabulous after 10 years!! Obviously the design was timeless 🙂

  10. Where can I find that headboard/bed?!?

  11. It is timeless not out of style at all!! I love it!!

  12. No itis not it of style. It's very fresh. 2018, fresh

  13. Love it will never go out of style❗️

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