38 comments on “Interior Design / Luxury Penthouse Tour in High Point North Carolina

  1. The owner is more beautifull than the penthouse 😃. Love you rebeca but i dont see much of your finess in this Project.

  2. this stupid woman needs to stop talking in "vocal fry"

  3. I enjoyed this! I am always getting great ideas from your videos, like in this one, on the coffee table, the pedestal cake plate used to tier the poinsettia plants. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Im not impressed at all sorry….any furniture they want? Really?

  5. I love your ideas I've been taking in your ideas because in 2010 I bought an abandoned gutted out house and I have been redoing it all by myself I love your work you are amazing as well as funny as h*** Not to mention that condo is beautiful

  6. This place is nice but seems cluttered and exagerated. However Rebecca looks spectacular in her pretty blue shirt.

  7. How would you kill the echo?

  8. So disappointed. ..everything is over stuffed. …didn't feel the connection between each rooms…if i was THE CLIENT. ..i would have asked for refund 😵. .surprisingly this guy was still smiling

  9. a nice uncomfortable headboard 🤞

  10. Jason is amassing!!! Nice Penthouse!!

  11. It might be just me but i find the sound of Rebecca's necklace banging into each other is distracting haha. Other than that, great vid!

  12. so fun but like dark at night to sleep so no reflective surfaces in bedroom

  13. I absolutely love this place! That coffee table is out of this world! And that mirror, yes, it would make a wonderful headboard, but what an expensive headboard it would be! I can't even dream about the furniture in this penthouse! It's beyond the average budget!

  14. hi this pant house its didn't have a personality cause each room has her own character

  15. I lived in High Point and have driven by this place a thousand times. However, getting to see inside is a real treat and, to be honest, it's close to what I thought it would be. Thanks for the tour. And to heck with TV. Stick to YouTube!

  16. I'm not one for too much black, just ''touches.''

  17. i also love the mirror thing

  18. Let's see🤔 my dining room is 20 years old, my sofas are 15 yrs old, other furniture in dining and living areas are hand me downs, well yesss I would love some new furniture!!!!!!!! Lol. Saw some awesome pieces in this video. Much luck to you on your new endeavors this New Year 2017. Would love to check out that store one day😍

  19. I loved it, and I know about the use of space – balance – proportions and that… I think that there was not a theme that unified the whole thing, but nevertheless, it was charming…
    Thanks for sharing.

  20. Love Furniture Land South! Great home…

  21. Gee whiz..here I am in Paris and I'm binge watching YOU. That's how AWESOME you are… lol. Ok..so stopping to go to Notre
    Dame, but only for a minute. I need to watch more of YOU.

  22. it's nice…but not your style….you are just being modest….wish I could see you re designing for this place

  23. Furnitureland and Robeson design make an excellent combination. Rebecca, I wish you could come to Bermuda to help us decorate our home! Since we don't have a big furniture selection in Bermuda, lots of Bermudians fly to the US to shop at Furnitureland South. All we're missing is you, Rebecca! Plus you could help the hotels redesign rooms in prep for the America's Cup this year.

  24. The bed headboard idea is great, specially when dealing with oversized furniture like all the set in that apartment. Nice partnership with the mega store. The design and solution desperate need your hands since it's full of mistakes.

  25. I love your personality and love watching your videos!!!!

  26. Absolutely gorgeous @RebeccaRobeson I can't believe I've never seen this video, that office is spectacular and you are right it looks like it belongs to a designer, but I have to admit my favorite was thatMASSIVE coffee table…. WOW

  27. I need new furniture and some help from Rebecca!

  28. How generous of Mr. Harris! It's ALL just lovely! The penthouse, the people, the designer…love love love! Thank you for all the informative and entertaining videos! MUCH appreciated!!!

  29. I would love for you to do a window treatment series, ready to buy from commercial stores. I'm having the hardest time buying the right curtians on a dime. The curtian rods and fennels no problem with high end but drapes and curtians are very expensive

  30. I love listening to you. You need your own show on HGTV, woman.

  31. i learned so much from you robeson. i want to be you someday

  32. I have come to Furniture Land South. It's the best place in the world for furniture shopping. Love the set up of the penthouse

  33. lady how don't you have your own show!!!

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