Interior Design — Must-Know Tips For Decorating With Neutrals & Pastels

Designer Margie Doyle transforms the main floor of an Edwardian home into a bright and airy space with soft colors and luxurious textures. Have a look inside …

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46 comments on “Interior Design — Must-Know Tips For Decorating With Neutrals & Pastels

  1. Looks like a designer did it. That's not good.

  2. Why does she keep saying its not overly feminine? Its patently feminine! It's everything Laura Ashley would want, minus the buttons and bows.. She could have done the exact same room but instead of rose pink, she could have chosen a seafoam green and the results would have been much more gender neutral.

  3. White on white rinsed in white wrapped in white

  4. But are you sure it was fresh? And soft and light? And cosy? Sheesh.

  5. Why do you have to use air quotes. There is also a “man” lives here.

  6. 1:00 Why so many sofas that you aren't going to sit on?

  7. I need that black and white bathroom wallpaper! Anyone know where it came from?

  8. Ah yes the poor man, he'll just die if he touches pink.

  9. A very beautiful piece of work, each and every things and colors are complimenting each other pretty well, here in my country good interior designing means you put lots of expensive things together without even slight imagination like a fool

  10. It’s jus too boring and bland

  11. Too much white. It really needs some color.

  12. Beautiful and elegant. Good taste, congratulations classy lady. ( Too many negative comments from envy women, that's a pitty). I wish I could see your master bedroom, most be special. Bless you and thanks for your useful video.

  13. To me this design looks kind of tired,still no real statement piece or color or theme,it just plain white to powder white or beige.Nothing wrong with IKEA,i like it!This house just like ikea furniture with crown molding,reupholstered armchairs…..

  14. White, white, and more white. It's a woman thing. I think she would have a heart attack if someone go there and barf out some rainbows.

  15. bm great white paint color has a pink undertone.

  16. Why is the tv on the side!? It should be over the fireplace

  17. That house is too girly. I feel bad for the guy. 🙁

  18. She's really trying to push neutral on us with those off-white undereyes

  19. Taupe is the new black. 😂

  20. really beautiful what a clever designer just love the powder room wall paper where can I get it in England?

  21. well..I love neutrals in general…BUT THIS IS TOO MUCH…C'MON!!!boring and repetitive, sorry.

  22. My husband would kill me. 😂

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  24. Beautiful, but definitely not for a man in the house at all.

  25. This is my favourite decor of ALL time. Yes. I'm a woman! I watch this video aall the time. Dreaming of how I can copy it when I move to my small villa. Love love love it! ! ( from down under)

  26. Beautiful🌹the powder room with the lovely wall paper oh so pretty !!All in all fabulous 🌹

  27. I will take note of these tips and apply them to the decorating I do on my channel.

  28. The gold picture frames against the white molding on the wall radiate luxury

  29. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the house but I see no evidence of a man living there. That looks like my apartment when I was single, before I had to corporate my husband's spider plants and Seagrams mirror into my decor. Lol.

  30. That poor husband! Did that man have any say so in the design of this home? This was ultra feminine. I know he packed his bags. If I was to walk in this home my first thought would be that it belongs to a single female.

  31. I want to know about the flooring

  32. I want you to design my home can you tell me how to contact you

  33. Boring house. Interior boring.

  34. That poor guy that lives there. He probably sits down now to pee on a padded toilette seat.

  35. Color pallete is lacking. Everything blends in, no variety. Very bland.

  36. Beautiful home!, i showed this to my bf and he said: it's a girl's house, not a couple's house…lol

  37. I need to make a suggestion; hire a make up artist !!' The designers makeup was not camera 🎥 ready. Why didn't a makeup artist fix this? Her concealer had the classic raccoon eyes…. the video footage was beautiful but I was very distracted by the makeup….I agree with the other statements it's a women's house ONLY…. if I walked in I would think "single girly girl"

  38. Absolutely flawless 🙂

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