40 comments on “Interior Design — No-Fail Tips & Tricks For Living Room Decorating

  1. Beautiful space. Love the look!

  2. Love the area rug and the sofa. Hate the wall color (too dark).

  3. Why would you want a rug to hide staines? Clean the surface I think! Rugs are for warmth and texturised essence to a space !

  4. "Im a perfectionist" ohhh please there is no such thing as perfect, this design is a total mess , overcrowded and too dark

  5. Why everything is Black and white grey.too much black and white and gray

  6. Dynamically beautiful!!! Love love!!!

  7. too pretentious, cluttered, expensive and dust collectors. Styling rooms with stuff we need and use is more practical. jmo

  8. being in a nice place is. lifechanging

  9. Omg this whole lay out is beautiful to me.

  10. My kids would destroy that book case in minutes lol

  11. Another boring room, Put in some vintage stuff for interest, I would NOT get you to do my place

  12. I love it it's perfect idk why people are commenting it looks crouded

  13. Guessing you don't have small children, they'll have a field day in that room

  14. Love it
    I would of. Ever picked those colors or table but the end result is stunning

  15. I just watched this video. Where can I find the bookcase?

  16. Looks beautiful, thank you!

  17. It reminds me of a Real Housewives reunion set. It's very nice but over the top.

  18. When she made the comment about joking that "your kids can't ruining your lighting," LOL… ahh she no children….

    The space looks a little clutter. They have a big sectional, the have 3 armchairs, the have a bench and a stool.

  19. None of this are tips. SO the tip is buy everything from scratch? Most people have to work, at least, partially with furniture they have.

  20. ugh this video is so fake. no tips. no tricks. u guys are just showing n telling us how u went shopping n decorated lol. so slimy. u will say anything to get views huh?

  21. um, I'm sorry but.. the title of this vid "no fail tips n tricks". its almost funny how it is such an obvious #rickroll this vid is. is so like, desperate. this was you talking about you, and your style, and your likes, and YOUR decorating style, and how each FUUUKKKINNGG item pleased YOU.   you didn't give, we- the people- the audience, SHITTTTT. no info AT ALL. u just told us a story real quick about how one time u decorated a space. blatantly u

  22. Hi what stores did you go to in this video?

  23. Which i don't like is picture frame behind lampshade.. but all nice, colors and accent

  24. Still trying to figure out the difference between a living room and a family room

  25. Some of the designs in here are awesome 🙂

  26. didn't like it at all 😐

  27. Love it! I don't have to have the exact same furniture but you gave me some decorating ideas, thnks!

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