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  1. Design is so important! I always talk about it on my blog.

  2. hey mary do you use some renders programs? in your opinion which is better???

  3. I like your honesty in this video about how you feel you would have benefitted from learning the technical aspects to interior design. I am currently studying Interior Architecture & Design BA (Hons) and I don't think what we are taught is really what people imagine Interior Design to be. We learn how to design things like cube homes, custom exhibition stands, museum staircases, retail environments and much more. We also learn 3D CAD and visualisation skills with programs like the Adobe suite etc. At the end of it I can call myself an Interior Designer but it's a bit disheartening when people think I am studying decoration as the work involved and stuff I am learning is much more involved. That's not to knock people who are skilled in styling etc as that is a skill of it's own which I am also trying to learn alongside the technical stuff. The term Interior Designer is not protected so anyone can call themselves an Interior Designer. I think really people should refer to themselves as Interior Stylists or Interior Decorators to make it clearer to people. To be a `designer' involves the technical and building regs side of things too.

  4. I just want to point out the HUGE difference between interior design/architecture and interior decorating. Often times people confuse the two. Professional skills are incredibly important when it comes to being a interior designer because formally trained professionals graduate with a nearly equal set of skills compared to that of a architect and trained lighting designer. They understand formal construction techniques, some engineering strategies, construction codes (huge deal), hvac, ADA requirements, and material specification. Yes pretty pillows of course play a role but it's a small portion of what a professionally trained designer does. My girlfriend has a masters in interior architecture and she designs for health care environments where her firms designs can actually shorten recovery time and improve quality of life. Just a call out to anyone interested in the industry there is so much more then shopping and pillows. I encourage you to learn more so you can distinguish the professions. Someday hopefully professionally trained designers will be able to hold nationally recognized certifications to set them apart from the decorators.

  5. Hey i want to ask which field to choose after 10th for interior designing?

  6. Ugh…I really want to know how those people did their rooms lol I want an update!!!!

  7. which age is better for interior designing examination? ???

  8. Hi Mary! I'm 21 and barely on my 3 semester of college, and I've finally had an idea of what I want to do. It's interior design. but I'm also going back home to Chicago. I don't have a lot of time to pick a school, and I want to make the right choice if I'm going to put my time and effort. I love to build, and decorate and rearrange. I have no idea if it's a for me kind of career. I love watching your videos, but have so many questions. If you have the time to answer some that would be wonderful. Love Gina.

  9. just discovered you and im so in love! haha you seem so sweet and like tons of fun. As an aspiring interior designer, you've really inspired me! your awesome, love the video!

  10. I'm only 13 and I want to be an interior designer when I grow up and you are my inspiration I can't wait to get out of education and get started

  11. how much do you pay???and do you do in other countries

  12. I absolutely adore you❤️
    in fact… can I just be you?!

  13. I'm trying to become an interior designer, I'm currently in high school and I'm being to pick my options of my GCSEs but I'm not sure what classes to take, I also want to know if it's possible to get an apprenticeship in the interior designing industry ❤

  14. I love your style so much ❤

  15. Hello, I would like to ask some few questions. 🙂
    I am currently going for interior design and i just want to know some speciphic things.
    I know thatin interior design we do more then decorators do. We are more into buiding stuff, lighting, safety etc. I just want to know do we actually design everything and we are the one who decide what the decorators will be doing? we decide the colour of walls, sheets, pillows etc etc? Or we don't touch these things and are more technical? I love creating and decorating, i have a good eye of seeying where things would look good, what colors for the walls and contrasts, etc. Will i be touching this in interior design this is my question. Thank you !

  16. in which university you have studied ?

  17. I want to get into Interior Design so bad! I looked up how to become an interior designer and this popped up. I am definitely subscribing!!

  18. #Ezgi Cennet Kosak +Mary Elizabeth​ so cute 😊❤ @Maria Vasquez

  19. You look stunning in this episode! The outfit, the jewels, the makeup, I love it! ❤ love from Tacoma, WA.

  20. Hey! Just wanted to say that there is a big difference between Interior Design and Interior Decoration. Im an interior Designer and its so much more than decorating ( No hate towards Interior Decoration ) but its important to address that they are different, so many people sign up for this career expecting it to be something its not. We Interior Designers make plans with programs like Autocad, we do models, rendering with Rhino or other 3D programs, drawings, and so on.. not to mention electricity, piping, and sanitation plans. Its better described as Interior Architecture

    Love your style and creativity! Again, just clearing that up!


  21. do I ask my question here or instagram?

  22. Your eyes are like Katy Perry's. Very Pretty!

  23. why did leah "take" the name of the channel when she left ? and do you guys work together at all nowadays?

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