44 comments on “Interior Design | Rancho Santa Fe | REVEAL #2

  1. This designer has an amazing gift. Her assessment skills and visions which no one can see are super!

  2. Love your channel. Your design skills have evolved so much! I cant even watch other channels anymore. You nail it all the time. Dang, he has a lot of money to enjoy. No wife or husband? That explains the kitchen. Big house for one.

  3. Mr.Client: You hired Ms.R ….NOW…… Listen to her. she knows the what what on Fabulousity!!!!

  4. I love your client on this one. He's feisty, and sure of himself until you tell him to change his mind.

  5. Beautiful home! That is a lovely wall color. What color is that??

  6. Yeah RL would be the one to follow if I had a clothing line. He is smart with a good taste. And his furniture ideas are great too

  7. Always sooo clean 😍🤗🤗🤗

  8. Just let her do it you will be happy in the end

  9. You should let her Decorate your house for Christmas she’s amazing

  10. Good decision to do the kitchen, glad he did it!

  11. capushino dark eood flooing my ideally choice to pick luxury live style and whites match all style flooing.mc

  12. Stunning, everything this woman touches turns to gold…I wish she gave me advice of what color of curtains goes with white walls and light grey flooring.

  13. The family room is stunning (really loved the sectional).



  16. I wanted to do shelves on the sides of my fireplace but my budget ran out. I had to settle for a backsplash on the kitchen wall and the face of the fireplace to make those look better. I built a pony wall between my eat in kitchen and sunken living room. There were so few shelves to put decorations up especially around the holidays. Maybe the new owner will build the shelves around the fireplace. I put in a new IKEA kitchen for the new owners with an amazing hood and faucett that they are going to love. I did something to every room in this house to include painting the ceilings and walls the same color with BEHR paint. The home was a bank owned property. The people that came in to fix it for re-sale used ceiling paint on the walls so when I washed my grandchildrens finger prints off, the paint washed away too. The ceiling looks a different color depending on the time of day. The light of day makes it appear lighter and evening it looks darker. I also made the walls a very light antique white color and the trim is a tan in the same color family, instead of white. It looks amazing and everyone that has seen the work loves it. I am now working on the stair case. I built the knee walls and am installing metal balusters and a nice new hand rail that matches the rest of the trim in the house. It is such an improvement over the wooden balusters and the post with a ball on the top of it. I installed wainscotting or b board to the two front rooms, my dining room and parlor with chair rails. The remainder of the house I have tried to do craftsman style so that it all works cohesively. The upstairs bathroom I installed a pedestal sink because there is a linen closet in the hall just a few feet away. It has made that bathroom feel so much bigger. I wanted to open the wall between the kitchen and dining room but the budget would not allow that. I have to leave something for the new owners to do. I also started fixing up the basement so they can finish a mother in law suite if they so desire. Busy, busy, busy. Cost effective work can make a huge difference. Thank you again for sharing with us, you are an inspiration.

  17. God I'm always amazed at ur reveal…I noticed ur signature style are two shelves framing the tv/chimney in the living room w/ lights on each shelf. I really love it. The best part is how u can open the door and instantly make the space bigger. This is a beautiful home to host a party.

  18. what is the paint code color on the wall in the family room… who makes it?

  19. Hi Rebecca and Team! Looks great! how tall the ceilings?

  20. I Love You Rebecca you did such an amazing job. Gotta love your client too! Your funny too! I love your taste and your openness. Tell it like you see it.

  21. Yes, thank you Mr.Client. Love it all—the kitchen really turned out great.

  22. What a great makeover! I liked the bedrooms and the patio area the most. I wish a lot of happy moments for the owners! 🙂

  23. Simply amazing work done

  24. Absolutely breathtaking 😍. Hire Robeson Design to do your Christmas decorations

  25. Love this house and your design was spot on!

  26. The look is really different!!It look s so great!!♡♡♡♡♡

  27. Please remove that loud, noisy music from your videous. It's hideous, annoying and gives me a headache.

  28. Very nice the kitchen looks totally different (nice) I like the way u done the slide doors and yes I think he should let you lay it out for Christmas and what r the colors on the walls and ceiling

  29. Beautiful redesign of Mr. Client's home. What color did you paint the wall in the kitchen breakfast area?

  30. Beautiful. I would paint the red brick out side and it would be perfect 👌. You are brilliant!

  31. Another job well done Rebecca!!!

  32. You're so cute, love what you've done here.

  33. Amazing design!! I love the house and all your choices to fix this out of date home. Folding doors and the Pergola are great. You have great taste!!

  34. Oh my gosh, what a beautiful home.  I wish that you could come to my home and decorate!  I absolutely LOVE the kitchen re-do, I sense that Mr. Client realized that it needed updating.  You and your team are awesome.

  35. Dear client Rebecca is the best so I hope u hired her for every Christmas after finishing this project,by the way I just love your house.

  36. Houses looks nicer. You should she her own kitchen.

  37. I have a boing-y chair in terra cotta leather. Delicious.

  38. I love the fold back doors… saw some in Japan and never forgot them.

  39. Kitchen turned out great

  40. The railroad tie coffee table was not good. You can do better.

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