47 comments on “Interior Design β€” Small & Bright Family Home Renovation

  1. Our surroundings can change our day. Design is so important! I always talk about it on my blog.

  2. Really wonderfull designed this House . I just wish she spoke better. Painted out, paired up, etc. If you want to add style, value and warmth to your home. Please watch Our YouTube Channel Video's here .. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL1txOHxfJEEURPUsisAmIPApnE4jTTSod

  3. I love this space!!!
    she did an amazing job mixing the old with the new!!! its so updated and sleek, yet cozy. nicely done!
    can someone please tell me where the photograph on the dining room wall and the artwork in the bathroom is from??

  4. The only thing I'm not fond of is the kitchen. It seems to overtake the space. The island is too big. Also, I probably would have hidden the fridge, made it more like a furniture piece. Overall though I like it.

  5. too much furniture in the living room

  6. How do you do that much renos and not give the master an on suite?

  7. A tad cluttered… Colors were a little underwhelming. I did like the chair rail in the bathroom, love the ikea kitchen cab. Love the shutters and the kids rooms were great as well as the pendant un the mastet. I was kind of looking for a focal point. Nice touches though.

  8. It's lovely. Love all the white. Most say that white makes it look stark, cold. I like it. It looks clean, even though it is now 3 years old. Easier to change accessories if wanted.

  9. That octopus is horrible!!! 😱

  10. I love the blush color on her Turkish rug. Beautiful.

  11. Pro ject πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ extra

  12. yes yes and yes …perfect …β€πŸ‘

  13. Absolutely gorgeous, well done!

  14. I'm impressed by how she used Ikea cabinetry and furniture yet the place doesn't look Ikea at all.

  15. White tiled kitchen, white kitchen island, and white room just gives me a feeling of a hospital morgue. White, white, white is never easy to pull off without giving the wrong feeling like this space does.

  16. Looks great! I wonder why she only has two bar stools in the kitchen when there is room for at least one more.

  17. I got lots of inspiration, love it! What is the name of the white color and where can I find it? Thank you

  18. if you say 'house' one more time with that strange accent, I might have to smack ya

  19. I clicked because if the cute carpet I saw in the thumbnail

  20. I love the design. I just wish she spoke better. Painted out, paired up, etc. Better grammar please!

  21. Does anyone know what print that is in the bathroom above the toilet?

  22. this is honestly my favorite one so far on this channel

  23. You made white feel so warm. And the photograph in the bathroom is to die for! Very inspired!

  24. I really like this house… But these white walls make it seem cold

  25. The lady says she's the homeowner, so its alright.
    I had thought she worked in the industry & was promoting services.

  26. This lady in the video over hyping things should be ashamed of herself.

    Who the hell wants a bad against the wall?
    What a hassel to make the bed.

    The only thing of taste, quality & soul are the Turkish rugs.

  27. this is beautifully done.

  28. She names a lighting designer and I have been googling every variation of the name I thought I heard her say, with no luck. Anyone have a link for Lambare Efes (sp?) ? I have no clue!

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  30. I head they used homeelectricgenie for the electrical work. Can anybody confirm this?

  31. I agree I do not like the utilitarian look at all. Β It is so not at home.

  32. I LOVE your floors! Nice home.Β 

  33. Love the layout! What's the size of the open concept kitchen/dining/family room? Colors not so much..

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