Interior Design – Small Space Makeover: A Sophisticated Family Home

Designer Maia Roffey proves sophisticated and family-friendly aren’t mutually exclusive in this must-see small space makeover. See how she transformed a dated split-level home into a functional,…

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33 comments on “Interior Design – Small Space Makeover: A Sophisticated Family Home

  1. Finally a good decorating youtube channel… thank you so much for this, I've been searching for two days! Perfect vid… only thing to make it better would be a list of stores where to get the products and links to the designers. Always nice to be able to act after watching a youtube i.e. buy the product seen in the vid or hire the person if you like their work 🙂 Thank you so much, loved this vid

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  3. Nice! Most designers compromise comfort for style. Nice to see the big comfy couch even if it is against a wall.

  4. This look beautiful but not kid friendly design😉

  5. Was scared for the stairs and the hanging thing above the couch they look sharp and dangerous for kids jumping and running around

  6. Good design. But I love the drapes in the living room and the black hardware of the cabinets the most. Beautiful

  7. I liked the design in this space Maia R.! Soft colors that makes the space light and bright! Everything goes well. I think you did the best you could with this space. Budget limitations may have prevented some extras not sure. Not wild about the sconces just stuck in nook. That area above couch needs wall art or something. I could see kids using white vases as bowling pins! A small unique table holding the vases would have been pretty! Overall, a bright makeover !!!!!!!

  8. It would be nice to know What retailer(s) the sofas come from.

  9. I know this is from 3 years ago, but do people still put books on their coffee tables? That seems so passe.

  10. The space is beautiful, but either the client had no input or the children are too young to understand just how rambunctious and destructive a five year old can be. Vases on floor, velvet chairs, white upholstery and a decorative coffee tables are big no no's.

  11. Anyone have an idea where to get those two white chairs?

  12. Lol to hear her made my brain hurt. But stunning house

  13. the transition from dinning area into kitchen is an eye sore. The cabinets were too dark. A beige would have looked nice. The dark gray just ruins the whole vibe :/

  14. It's pretty but it lacks warmth like in the kitchen.

  15. Loved the chandelier, dining table and chairs, the glass stair case, drapery, wing chairs, sconces and lighting in the living room. Color choice was good.

  16. That blue sofa is gorgeous, does anyone know where that sofa is from?

  17. Love the draperies. Does anyone know where I could get them?

  18. Space for me means take all those stuff on top of the center table & those breakable vases around, my husband will knock it down before the day is over the way he moves around the house. Nice staging though.

  19. I love how the space was transformed. I didn't mind the built in on that living room wall. However, I would prefer the steps going to the dining area to be more open & wider. I'd rather not have those glass railings & instead, I would extend those steps all the way thru..

  20. Old fashion all over the place

  21. Split level homes are my favorite. just have to know how to arrange and decorate them properly.

  22. All those white vases in the corner and white chairs are not kid friendly whatsoever! Coffee tables always look better without clutter. This is a common mistake designers make, less stuff makes for less visual chaos. Wood chairs would have been better, unfortunately this look will probably only last a month if that, with kids around.

  23. Wow wow so gorgeous and beautiful home

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