Interior Design – Top 10 Design Trends Of 2016

Discover the top decorating looks and concepts for 2016! House & Home editors reveal what’s hot in furniture, flooring, color, rugs and more. From ’70s Italian …


36 comments on “Interior Design – Top 10 Design Trends Of 2016


  2. Love the Video! It's good to see new perspectives

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  4. In other words, scandinavian design, natural colors and material

  5. so gay, but interesting (just kidding)

  6. Who is the designer that made the 70's italian style brutalist sideboard?

  7. #Andrew Anthony i love the retro one though @Станислав Королевский

  8. I could really go all the way with that 70's Italian style! Ty!

  9. nice decorating looks and concepts!

  10. i love the retro one though

  11. The simple minimalistic design is so spot on this year, with many people buying/renting smaller apartments in overpopulated cities, overcrowding your place can look dramatically smaller. By keeping it simple with white walls and warm wood tones, it can make a place homey but not cluttered~

  12. I like serene simple style specially in bedrooms 🙂

  13. only thing I like was the Italian table thing f this bs

  14. These are not fads? Tell me that in 5 years.

  15. The video is really good

  16. does anybody know if house & home (the magazine) is available in the US? i would love this issue but i dont think im ready for a subscription

  17. love them all, makes it so hard to plan a new space but luckily I love eclectic styles…

  18. Nice video! I love the parquet coffee table you showed. Do you have more information about this table? Thank you!

  19. Really like the modern glass-fronted cabinet trend. Maybe now I can find a cabinet that isn't either traditional or modern.

  20. Very interesting 🙂 thank you

  21. tank you so much that was so helpful 😍

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