18 comments on “Interior Design: Tour A Rustic & Refined Farmhouse In The City

  1. I love it, she did an amazing job.

  2. I would like to know why there is not the gap between dry area and wet area with trim on the edges near the tub on the benches. In Brazil there is a strong habit of using wet area for water that falls on the countertop do not run on the floor and do not ruin the cabinet cabinet under the counter. And on the outside I realize that it's all straight. Can you explain?

  3. beautiful and gracefilled home……well done you. Perfect placement of pieces….really truly lovely.

  4. Great house, great video. Love the floor, can you tell me which one it is? Or who it's by?

  5. so cozy yet light, airy and even a bit artsy. I would love to be a guest in this home in the late Fall or Winter. it's probably so heavenly.

  6. feels cold and cluttered to me. cold-rustic? why? is there a major sale on white paint on this channel? i bet that stairwell WAS beautiful

  7. I like it light and bright.  The wall of white lacquer? storage in the bedroom seems an odd choice but overall very nice.

  8. I really like the small plates being placed all along the wall !

  9. Love the ground floor, decor especially. Not a fan of the bedroom — it's a little antiseptic.

  10. Beautiful house and that bedroom is STUNNING! That being said, the decor in the living room was way too cluttered

  11. Oh yay my ears perked up at Nova Scotia! I'm living in Alberta now but our décor is still beach themed repping the east coast!

  12. Wow, very warm and stylish, except from the French plates!

  13. living room look busy i didnt like it sorry

  14. its a blessing you wer able to save yur art work from the fire..looks wonderful

  15. In love with the house!!

  16. It came out beautiful. It reminded me of the homes in Nantucket, one of my favorite place, thanks in part to the maritime feel, thank you for sharing!

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