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  1. Very interesting! Regarding cork: I was born in 1956 and we moved to a new home in Louisiana in 1960 which had cork floors in the living room and hallway. It was warm, soft, and a real bear to wax. I don't remember often we waxed it, but my mom would lay down the wax and then put all the kids into double old socks so we could slide, spin, twist and play until the freshly-waxed cork was polished!

  2. Hii I am pankaj
    From India
    your New friend
    So nice
    Interior designer sellary?? Plz reply???

  3. I LOVE your channel! I like seeing all the vintage pictures. Old decorating can be really interesting to study. Some of the 60's and 70's rooms look SO fun and colorful, I can see why these looks have come back in style in 2017. My grandma has a lot of old magazines too, mostly from the 80's and 90's. They are fun to look at!

  4. great vid……ur voice is amazing……have u ever thought about singing pop n carols……..warm regards from india gitanjali

  5. Very knowledgeable first and foremost! Also, you are gorgeous and have an amazing speaking voice!

  6. trends make business. stick to the classics

  7. botanical prints I love

  8. Loved the video!!! Great information. Would you be able to share where you got the photo @ 7:25 the gray faux finished wall with the gold lines. Im dying two recreate this but I cant find the original photo anywhere.

  9. I did enjoy this video. I am old enough to recognize when trends have come around before. I am rooting for terracotta! I agree with Edwin. The moderator's voice was exceptionally melodic.

  10. I love the content and presentation!

  11. Love it 🙂 Thank you!!!!!

  12. Southern Girl Interiors, I really enjoyed your video. I love the green, navy and violet colour trends and the cork walls.

  13. Great video! So glad to hear you're in Atlsnts, will be coming to see you soon. Green is my fav color and the 2017 Pantone "greenery" is my fav shade. I have it all over my kitchen. As i was watching this video I noticed several nods to taupe in my dining room that I didn't recognize before. Gonna take that a little further now, so thanks!

  14. You're the Morgan Freeman of Interior Design.  Well done.

  15. I love copper and rose gold! Are those metal choices totally out for 2017 or can I get away with still decorating with them?

  16. Well presented video, one can tell that you're serious about what you're delivering, well done Shantee! Also, you're a very pleasant lady with a lovely voice!

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