26 comments on “Interior Design – Watch A Bright Family Basement Come To Life!

  1. I like this space! House and Home has been stepping up their game lately. I like this one a lot. I think I get irritated when some designers name drop or talk about pieces of furniture no one's ever heard of, but the designer acts as though u are not living if u don't have that one piece. "I bought this 2,000 year old secretary desk during my coastal tour in France. The wood is made from the same wood from the tree in the garden of Eden."

  2. I noticed what appeared to be a tub filler inside the shower enclosure… any insight on what purpose this serves in this particular space would be greatly appreciated! cheers!!

  3. Great space. Love the bathroom. If only more people knew what a great designer like her could do with an unfinished basement, there would be a lot less scary, unused basements out there!

  4. I absolutely luv what you did with the space. It's a very classy design. The wood detail on the wall is very architectural and reminds me of a coffered ceiling.

  5. The link in the description takes you to the same video on your website. I didn't see anything about the products in the video.

  6. Spectacular, love the paneling used to connect the space. What a great idea.

  7. wow, it's beautiful! Love the color.

  8. I lovve this basement.. very bright and spacious.. my only critique would have been to maybe paint an accent wall navy blue just to anchor the space and to tie in all the blue accents…

  9. Great job!
    This space looks inviting, elegant and comfortable!

  10. Not my style, but she did a very good job. One pet peeve of mine though, is designers always seem to hang TV's way too high! The centre of the TV should be at eye level when you're seated on the couch.

  11. I need more videos from this girl she's awesome

  12. Amazing design. Not overly done.

  13. mehhh…she did a great job, but I don't love it. it's a very nice space, but it's not spectacular. so yes but no.

  14. I think the birch tree wallpaper is super overdone. Could have used a more unique pattern

  15. I luv the wall paneling! The bathroom is epecially nice.

  16. So bright and beautiful! I am astonished!! Really good work!!

  17. Great basement, calm and collected, very clean lines !

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