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  1. hey guys – go watch our morning show channel THE MUSTARDS !

    most popular video : 9 TRICKS TO CREATE HYGGE AT HOME : http://bit.ly/2srKC2T

    love // jenny

  2. Hi Jenny! Love the apartment decor! Where is the dining table from? Thanks!

  3. Yes please! I would like to see the pantry and cabinets 😻

  4. What white paint is that on the walls?
    Please help ❤️

  5. Berlin is a nice city I hope to revisit it again some time. Loved ur house good taste 👍🤩

  6. Dear Jenny, your home is so lovely, just like you. Really loved your style and way of thinking. Wonderful!

  7. Hi Jenny, first we love you. Would like some advice. I'm so heart broken as I am leaving a large home with beautiful wooden floors and white walls. The market for house rentals where we are moving is horrible. We are supper blessed to even get a house so I cannot complain…but in my heart I'm feeling squirmy because the trim in the house is the 80's dark brown ÷0. How do I incorporate that awful trim board around doors, windows and floors? Ugg…thanks Jenny.

  8. I need that TEA CUP. PLEASEE!!!! WHERE I CAN FIND IT?

  9. Where did you buy your crop top from? 🙂

  10. I love how you said your toilet was cute😂I love your personality and lifestyle

  11. wow, a very inspiring interior! I like it ❤️

  12. What does being vegan have to do with not using wool? You don't have to eat an animal to get wool from it.

  13. Feeling sooo inspired by this! Btw, I love what you're wearing!

  14. Can you make a video of how you deal with trash and recycling 😊

  15. You have a beautiful home, Jenny! Thank you guys for all the content you provide!

  16. Ohhh, Your 'Place' Is GORGEOUS….!!! i LOVE It! If that were my apartment, i don't think i would EVER want to move-out of it…ever, Ever, EVER [(; D ]….!!! Marvellous "Tour"; danke schoen/tack saa mycket…! Wish that i could offer any sort of suggestions, re: a nice, Large, Plant…but, Like You, I don't really know very much about, Either! Of course, by NOW (…9 Months, 'After-the-Fact'…!), you've most probably (…Hopefully…!) found one, Quite close to what you were wishing for…Yes?!! But, YES: Absolutely Fabulous Apartment; MUCH Good Health and Happiness, there…'Long-Term'!!! <3

  17. even your eyebrows are minimalist lol. great space you have

  18. The Bedroom and Office would be switched​ in most cases.

  19. Beautiful home, thanks for sharing.

  20. “David’s gonna steam it”
    “Yes you will”
    😂lol I can’t

  21. I looooove your apartment. i watched it again, to get myself to start today. Love the lightness and the space. im looking forward to light up my own. thumps upupup.

  22. If you have not got recycleing bins yet. You should get box's and spray paint them to look like cerment. I think it would look amazing. I love you guys. Your very encouraging. Keep up the good work 🙂

  23. Gorgeous apartment! I heard you guys mentioning the apartment tour on the podcast (London, Berlin, Stockholm) so I hopped over. I love your bathroom!

  24. you inspired me a lot, thanks i really need it <3

  25. I looove your apartment. I was sceptic about decorating an entire apartment in light shade, minimalistic style because I thought it would look and feel cold but , oh woman, I love it. It's cozy and clean and very very calming. The home office is definitely my favorite. just lovely.  I have been considering remaking my bedroom and your style is such an inspiration ! love from Japan.

  26. the kitchen thing is not very a Berlin thing, but a german thing. We needed nearly 3 years to develop to our white DIY not expensive kitchen we have now.

  27. we want a tour of your kitchen

  28. what's the exact website for the white carpet? can't find it online , thank you ! your home is so beautiful 🙂

  29. are her eyebrows supposed to be gone?

  30. Hi Jenny! Loved watching this for inspiration, your apartment looks so bright and calming! I really like the simple, white rug and am thinking about getting it for my new apartment. Are you finding it hard to keep it nice and clean? I don't really want to get it professionally cleaned every couple of weeks… . xx

  31. bamboo is great, very easy to take care of and cleans the air (more so than other plants haha)

  32. Hey where are clothes from?

  33. Love it! Clean lines works for me! I have chosen the minimalist lifestyle! It brings me peace! Happy embarking on this journey!

  34. I also love to move all the time. I toured the whole US in a car. Except Alaska, and Hawaii. I can live with tent one suitcase also. I also like Fully raw Kristina channel.

  35. I found you from Pick Up Limes. Both your channels are great. I love the white everywhere. I think Evil stays away from Holy White Light. Sun Light. Clean, Healthy. And white colors. I know colors…. There are lots of white colors. But I have never found any roommates who like white? This roommate is in to wood rugged / Steampunk. Not bad looking. But I like Simple better. I used to live with my mom. She liked military bug out style. Everyone called her Sir I mean Mam….uh.. Lol. Love your choices in sofas.

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