Mr. Prashant Gupta’s Duplex House | Interior Design | Habitat Crest | Bangalore

A Walk through the Habitat crest 3 BHK Duplex house which combines the convenience of an apartment and the style of a bungalow! To Learn more about house interior Design, tips & ideas please…


20 comments on “Mr. Prashant Gupta’s Duplex House | Interior Design | Habitat Crest | Bangalore

  1. Absolute crap interior.

  2. The house seems good. But, maybe it lacks a “great”. It is over-furnished. Half of the storages, lofts, etc. in the house are more likely remain empty… unless the dwellers are crazy shoppers! The lighting is the same everywhere. It could’ve been dimmer in the living area for a more pleasant feel. The Kitchen is extremely tough to maintain. You could’ve used adjectives apart from “very nice”, you know… it would’ve been less bugging.

  3. Light even penetrates through the glass. Why did you mention "even"?

  4. what is the cost of this housebuild

  5. They always say in the description that the project cost is 15 L-19L but the actual cost you'll have to pay would exceed 50 L.

  6. it would be much better if you guys mention the sizes of rooms etc.

  7. Nice work and can you tell me what is the sq.ft. and what is the cost of all this work and also send designer number…..

  8. Balcony on ground floor 😂😂😂 r u serious about your description

  9. Extremely depressing.. Definitely dosent work wen you don't show air circulation..

  10. The upper floor ceiling is way too high if someday the bulb or cfl goes off wlhow would i change that
    And also there is too much white look given in the house u kniw indian houses attract a lot of dust from environment we live in dusty environment and also kitchen is white in colour so the colour idea is not good kitchen should be coloured oyher than white

  11. very nice house interior and much better prasentation

  12. please cost bhi dala Kare ki Pura Kitne me hua Verna Hume lagega ki middle class family ko apne dhayan me nhi rkha… I love your interior

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