1. Compared to my bedroom, most of these are rather large actually. But a lot of lovely ideas I have to admit. And lots of colour and texture, which I love. Almost no all white rooms in the bunch, which I love all the more, as this white, washed out, look has had its day now, time to move on, it really is.

    All My Retro/Vintage Best. Out.

  2. parth adhan jodla sharpanch tigoan

  3. The sound its so creepy!!! TT

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  7. Good video on interior design.

  8. i love your bright ideas of designs on small bedrooms to enlargen space Zoltan. you are great! one big snappy salute! God bless you!

  9. it's like a second too slow

  10. love it disigins were great👍👍

  11. There is no such word as ENLARGEN

  12. very, very good choice of music! I hate when people upload these types of videos with overpowering music

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