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  1. Because women hate math basically. Most just want to decorate shit with glitter

  2. In the USA, they do the same thing – everyone calls themselves an "interior decorator" even if they never drew a floor plan in their lives. "Designer" comes with more prestige, but it's an entirely different role. Designers know how to place electrical outlets, structural beams, lighting ports for chandeliers / sconces, and so on. Decorators pick fabrics and paints… it's so different. They can (and should) collaborate, but people don't understand the differences.

  3. I just finished a interior decorating course and have to go back for 6 months to be a designer but I am so scared because I did the other course part time but have to do the design part full time and I’m scared that if I fail or find it to full on that everyone will see me as a failure including myself I have 4 kids and don’t even know if it’s even gonna be possible so I’m so glad knowing that there are other people that are decorators and not designers I’m in Australia and I don’t think anyone knows the difference here either thankyou for this blog it has made me feel a bit relieved that I can still have a career decorating 😃

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  5. You want to be an FF&E designer. I worked in the industry for years as an Interior Designer but classed myself more as an Interior Architect. However, there is apparently no such thing! I worked with lots of talented FF&E designers who were fantastic with fabrics, colour, furniture and lighting. Good luck!

  6. Easy mistake to make, don't feel bad!

  7. couldn't agree more ! this has given me a little hope, thanks 🙂

  8. I'm so glad I came across your video, I wanted to do an Interior Design course but have no interest in learning how to draw a floorplan or elevations… I'm more on the creative side decorating residential homes. Does anyone know any good online courses for interior decorator?

  9. Hi Sarah. Where did you buy your wallpaper from.. decor.nlynxdesign.com

  10. I finished BA Hons Interior Design last year. It gets really annoying at times when people ask me to design (decorate is what they meant) but can't blame them because even I didn't know see the difference. I went in thinking decoration too. But I am so glad it was so much more. It was overwhelming but absolutely an amazing experience 😍

  11. What's the name of this wallpaper, I've gotten the minaret from the last time I asked and absolutely love it.

  12. I'm an incoming eleventh grade student. This past few months I've been really fascinated with decorating. I thought that's what I want to do. However, when I started doing research about the course (universities offering them), the closest thing I can find was Interior Design. I was skeptical about the word 'design' that comes with it. I don't trust my drawing skills to be enough for that field. I have this side of me that loves color palettes and patterns and textures but I'm not the type who loves to draw that much. I've already acknowledged the creative side of me long ago and I want to follow this path but sadly, no formal education (I think) that introduces us to this career is available. A formal education that will nurture and let it bloom.

  13. Hi Sarah! This is a very good informative video, I appreciate your honesty! 🙂 im currently studying a diploma of interior design online in Australia, but i definitely think i underestimated how challenging it would be as well haha! It takes so much discipline and motivation to do the assignments, so yeah, I feel you haha!

  14. 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽people need to understand that I move walls, I don't pick throw pillows, INTERIOR DESIGN IS A LICENSED PROFESSION like thank you for this video

  15. Does anyone know if the background is wallpaper?

  16. If you don't try you will never know, you dont like it. Successful people tried many things. Failing in a lot and then succeed in One, Sarah! Anyway, you are Pretty !!!

  17. Finally!! Someone has made a video explaining the difference 😁 thankyou this will help so many people 👌

  18. I am an "interior designer" Dallas, Texas. The states have the same difficulty in understanding the differences. You have done a wonderful job in explaining. Thank you! The average person still doesn't get it. But that's okay. We just keep on explaining and working. And you are right, some are overwhelmed with the technical aspect of design, but do a wonderful job with their clients. For you, I think at some point when you daughter is older, being a decorator will bore you and you will want more control of your projects. I was a stay at home mom of two boys, and a student of interior design at the same time. Totally understand where you are!


  19. Thank you for sharing your story, I can completely relate I started my journey the exact same way. I was a working and started a distance learning course and found I suddenly had no time and was not prepared for all the practical work involved. That was last year but now I'm studying decorating full time but it's not simple as it seems. I love how relatable you are, keep it up.

  20. It isn't clear in the United States either. Not at all.

  21. Finally someone speak up about this. Yes interior design is different from interior decorating/styling. I'm more think of interior design as brother/sister of architechture. They're on more technical side. Interior decorating is more on creative/fun side I think.

  22. Great video Sarah! I am an interior designer living in the US, and I do agree with the confusion of having people think that I am a decorator! I wanted to do interior design because I do have a passion for it, and I love the architectural part of it. A lot of schools and firms started calling it Interior Architecture, as it makes more sense for us because we don't really do the "decor" part that much. I still do pick colors and furniture pieces, but this isn't the focus of an interior designer. Keep up the good work!

  23. Thank you for the information!

  24. So what do you call yourself decorator or stylist? Since you didn't finish school is it difficult to explain to clients…What does your contract look like? I don't feel I need schooling to help someone style or decorate. I'm 40 with a 1 year old and dont have time to attend formal training. I love this vlog.

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