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  1. very good, so I can be an interior desigher even if I did not have a sense of direction! isn't it?

  2. Hi there! Are the online interior design courses that can last up to 18 month and offer international certificates really worth it? Are they meeting fully the requirements to work as a certified interior designer in the field? For example: https://www.design-institute.com/. thank you!

  3. is interior design and interior decor the same ? and if it is not can you make a video telling us what's interior decor and how is it different from interior design cuz I'm so interested pleaase I'll appreciate it❤❤

  4. Hi this is jeevan ,I love interior designing but can we get good opportunities in this field when compared with structural designing.

  5. Hello My name is Nizigiyimana and I am interested in becoming a interior designer but at the school that I have been accepted to they don’t have interior design as a major I was wondering if it’s called something else or what classes should I register for?

  6. I want to be an interior designer someday, and im currently at 11th grade. This video really helped me pursue more interior design in the future and im feeling excited about it so thank you very much! ❤

  7. Which subject may I select for interior designing
    and how could I start to be a part of interior designing after SSC

  8. which subject may I select for interior designing
    and how could I start to be a part of interior designing after SSC

  9. which subject may I select for interior designing
    and how could I start to be a part of interior designing after SSC

  10. which subject may I select for interior designing
    and how could I start to be a part of interior designing after SSC

  11. which subject may I select for interior designing
    and how could I start to be a part of interior designing after SSC

  12. which subject may I select for interior designing
    and how could I start to be a part of interior designing after SSC

  13. which subject may I select for interior designing
    and how could I start to be a part of interior designing after SSC

  14. So who do I hire pick out some good furniture?

  15. I was a drafter for a couple years I’m very experienced with AutoCAD can a guy be an interior designer? It seems like a female dominated profession?

  16. Can you tell me what kind of math you use in interior design? I wanna start practicing them before school this Fall.

  17. I have never heard this side of interior design, thank you for enlightening me!!

  18. Zero inch interior best interior company in Bangladesh. They provide Creative design for your house,office,restaurant etc.
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  19. Hii! Spending my 300 seconds on this video was really worth it… I request u to post a similar video describing what exactly architects do.

  20. What happens if you make a mistake and the whole building goes on fire, do you get sued or go to court. I like drawing plans and stuff but this sounds very difficult and I don't really want to put the life of someone in my hands

  21. I am very interested in interior design or anything that has to do with designing how a home or building is going to look. I want something that will allow me to think creatively, I especially want to have an exciting career.

  22. Drawing is the most important thing in interior designing.what more important things are there for interior .

  23. I completely agree with the innovating scopes of Interior Design. Traditionally we honestly thought of them a professions that focus on artistic qualities of smallest details to the macro details of interior spaces where some of macro details have overlap with architecture at a limited scale of projects only. We previously thought of them as specialization of architecture in interior elements as it is within the architecture industry and now a separate field due to growing complexity. When a project exceeds scales, an interior designer should have full authority to design those scopes. Interior design course has to integrate all necessary tools of sciences to improve their products. However As an architect I disagree on some claims that Architecture doesn’t cover things like, safety, codes , sprinkler systems, circulations and all other technical and scientific scopes of designs of interior elements which is housed under architectural structures. I think interior Design misrepresented in much more inferior expectation the architecture more than Architects see Interior Design as innovating and equating to architecture in terms of capability while specializing in interior elements. Architects have in fairness plenty much heavier trainings of sciences, systems, physics, engineering,automation and technology planning and mathematics with at least training of calculations to support these claims of scope of this video, like sound acoustics, lightings, structures, strength of materials and properties ,safety, accessibility, statistics, circulations, programing, hvac , thermal comfort issues, hvac, building economics and many many more associated for the improvement of architectural structures and very unfair for us who have supported with these much intensive prerequisites to fully exclude us from the equation and represented like no background on these areas. It displaces the position of architecture by definition as art and science of designing and construction of building where art, sciences and a grasp of engineering are prerequisites to comply these technical claims of capabilities and that separates architecture from all other fields. We are only talking at the scientific sides of practice of both architects and Interior designers. Take note that the whole architecture structure with substantial scale than interiors needs these all sciences more and more than the interior elements alone. Please check architects curriculum so you could have the window of their capabilities. I am not referring to the Interior physical scopes, and that is yours. Interior design was known as art of designing interior spaces, surprisingly innovating and now recognized by Architects as with equal capabilities but only focus in interior spaces.Let as be reminded that architects can practice few scopes of interior design at a limited area same thing as interior designers allowed to do exterior and envelope systems at a limited scales of structures because both have basics of few overlapping coverage of studies and trainings. And sciences and technical aspects this video explained is common to both profession. My disagreement is referring to coverage of studies like those technical aspects of safety, circulation space planning which now includes statistics in programming that caused us countless sleepless nights in training seems so unfair excluding architects of the coverage. after all, Architects are still In Charge of the holistic organizations of the architecture elements which includes systems and interiors that therefore both should collaborate in terms of decisions to create a harmonized exterior and interior output. And its very welcoming to know that interior Designers are now equipped with technical capabilities to improve more the interior spaces.

  24. Would you recommend taking Interior Design Course online? Why and why not? Thank you for your response in advance ^^_

  25. How does a fire alarm work?
    I am interested in this field, but I am still 13.
    So I want knowledge about it from now, so I can be a succesful interior designer.
    Can you please make a video on basics of Interior designing.

  26. whats the difference between interior design and interior architecture? thenks :3

  27. Hi! I'm an 8th grader right now and I'm struggling with what I want to start working towards when I get into high school and my family has been bugging me about it. I've always wanted to be an architect as a child, not really knowing what kind of architect but interior design has always interested me, including interior decorating. It's almost like I want a cross between the two. Is that kind of what you do, or if not what exactly would that be called? I'm just trying to get as much information on this so I can determine what exactly I would like to do.

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